Domestic presents new designer "Vynils"

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French vinyl company Domestic's new collection of interior vinyls for 2007 includes designs by Studio Job, Bertjan Pot, Wieki Somers and Ineke Hans.

The self-adhesive "Vynils" are marketed as an alternative to wallpaper and can be used over existing paintwork on walls, ceilings and floors as well as furniture. And doors. And windows.


Above: Golden Birds by Ineke Hans


Above: Creepy Crawlies by Ineke Hans


Above: Graffiti for Beginners Pink by Bertjan Pot (also comes in green)


Above: Shady Tree by Wieki Somers


Above: Panthéon Circle Black by Studio Job (also comes in silver and gold)

Above: Zoo Vache by Adrien Gardère


Above: Souvenirs by Constantin and Laurene Boym

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  • trendoffice

    A comfortable way to customise your walls, but too ‘self-centered’. May be it is good for a comparatively empty room…