Snøhetta show winning Emirates complex



More architectural spectacle in the Gulf: Norwegian architects Snøhetta have released images of their competition-winning design for a new "gateway" building for Ras Al-Khaimah, the new capital city of the United Arab Emirates.


The 300,000 m2 complex will contain hotels, a congress centre, exhibition halls, and a shopping centre.


The centre contains a tower that resembles a cobra.


Last week, plans were unveiled for a major cultural complex in the UAE with buildings designed by Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry and Tadao Ando.


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  • Rasi

    outstanding and unique.

    It might look irrelevant to the topic but it’s not “the Gulf? it’s “Persian Gulf?.

  • dylan

    who would like to live with a huge cobra?

  • Julian

    Another little piece of an architect ego.

    How sad is to live in a “city” (if we can call it like that) full of monuments of architects publishers that only think in the way of how diferent would be my building. How sad is to see a “city” agressive with the people and kind with cars.

  • Amit Sisack

    I believe its a fantastic building, such a suttill way to relate with the ground, so beautifully weightless in such a terrible land to build on, respecting it by a “brought and molded by the wind” look… hope once built it might keep some of those (in my opinion) beautifull intentions… (sorry about my english, im not nativ english spoken). if you sell it as a cobra, it will be a cobra, just in your imagination… in mine, its a beautifull dancing sheet on the wind.

  • OP

    This building is just so beautiful! It’s a breath of life and coolness in a harsh and hot climate.

    And what is it with all the people in here talking about architects’ egoes? Archotecture has always been about ego. Every architect wants to put his or hers stamp on the place they build, and it’s bullshit to pretend otherwise. Now, of course one has to consider the land, the environment, the users of the building, bla bla bla, all of this is just too obvious. Some people obviously find it so hard to realize that our world is moving on and that architecture and design are taking on new forms, much because it is possible. This is in no way bad! It has always been this way. Don’t you think the Romans built buildings that pushed the limits of their engineering capabilities? Where would we be today if we only were to build what is safe and familiar? Architecture moves forward by pushing limits, and that is exactly what projects like this one do. And Zaha Hadid, for that matter, as I see that so many in here can’t seem to appreciate her work.

  • Beautifully stated

  • yulisri

    that’s call Arabic,

    wind movings,
    and tent,

    consistency in concept, and context..

  • IN

    good, I like

  • Pelle

    Alain de Botton: “I think the Gulf states have lost the plot”. He’s right you know.