Zenkaya prefab lodges



Design Indaba update: South African architect Zenkaya has sent us images of the prefab lodges they exhibited at Design Indaba Expo in Cape Town last month.


The units are delivered - complete with fully-fitted interiors - on the back of a truck and come in a range of configurations including a 3.4x6m studio model, a 3.4x15.6m one-bedroom version and an 18m-long two-bed model.


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  • It’s cool!But it’s a little small.

  • Mary-Louise Stein

    Can they be used in conjunction with other buildings? Can they be fitted with solar panels and rainwater tanks? Why is it so expensive?

  • Barbara de Wet

    Love that!!! Its sleek and simple.
    I would think the transport costs would be pretty steep. Those would abnormal loads.

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  • Interesante y practica arquitectura minimalindividualista

  • I have seen pictures of these homes on a variety of other blog posts and I must say I am impressed.

    In general, prefab green homes are the way to go for a variety of reasons. First, they cost significantly less than custom built green homes and secondly, less energy used to manufacture these homes. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the most important element…they are better for the environment that traditional homes!

    Great article, I hope these types of homes continue to gain popularity.


  • marcel farhood

    exel top 10/10

  • Gabriel Kaunda

    I would like to enquire whether it is possible for them to design highway ablution units as well.