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Foster & Partners has released details of its proposed Zaryadye Project in central Moscow, which will replace the famous Communist era landmark, the Hotel Rossia.

The project, which will create a new urban quarter close to the Kremlin and Red Square, was unveiled at the MIPIM property fair in Cannes today.

Below is Foster & Partners’ press release about the project:


14 March 2007

Zaryadye Project presented at MIPIM

With the Kremlin and Red Square as its neighbours, Foster + Partners’ extensive mixed-use urban development in Moscow occupies a pivotal position in relation to Russia’s historical and political past.

Replacing the Hotel Rossia, the new development will recast this significant site as a vibrant new quarter, with hotels, shops, offices and apartments, and create a backdrop for significant cultural events.

The masterplan respects the historical street grid and integrates views across the site to notable buildings, including St Basil’s Cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Red Square and ten significant historic Zaryadye buildings.

Colonnades mark these principal routes, which converge at a central public square that faces key cultural venues – a multi-purpose concert hall, philharmonic concert hall, museum, variety theatre and banqueting hall.

Generous spaces for retail, commercial and hotel accommodation adjacent to the plaza will further support its renewed character, creating a scheme that repairs the scars of Hotel Rossia and, like the capital itself, has ambitious prospects.

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  • Los Angeles, California

    Well it’s a shame to see the Hotel Rossia go, such a source of memories and Stalinist nightmares.

    This project looks slightly half-assed, good as sensitive site planning and massing, but not quite architecture. Too SOM corporate/chickenshit.

  • it could be this is a Hote… in my mind this is the of their president…

  • Michael Swanson

    No one can make ornament anymore. It isn’t taught because there is nobody to teach it.