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Office for Metropolitan Architecture has been commissioned to design a 36-storey residential tower in Singapore. An image and the press release from OMA follows below:


PRESS RELEASE for immediate release
OMA designs Residential Tower in Singapore

(Beijing/Rotterdam, March 21, 2007): Far East Organization, Singapore’s largest private development company, has commissioned the Office for Metropolitan Architecture for OMA’s first architectural project in Singapore – a 36-story residential high-rise.

The 153 meter tall tower will be located at the intersection of Scotts Road and Cairnhill Road, in close proximity to Orchard Road, Singapore’s famous shopping and lifestyle street.

With 20,000 m2 of built floor area, the building will provide 68 high-end apartment units with panoramic views.

The design strategically maneuvers within the highly regulated building environment to maximize the full potential of the site: Four individual apartment towers are vertically offset from one another and suspended from a central core.

The skyline of floating towers directly relates to the surrounding building volumes and explores the most attractive views towards the city center and an extensive green zone to the north.

The lifted apartment towers reduce the building’s footprint to a minimum; the liberated ground level provides communal leisure activities embedded in the tropical landscape.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to create an outstanding project in partnership with OMA. The design reflects the new vibrancy and vitality of Orchard Road and Singapore. OMA with its extensive international experience will certainly bring a new perspective to luxury urban living and add to the cosmopolitan flavor of our development," says Far East Organization Chief Operating Officer, Property Sales, Chia Boon Kuah.

“The collaboration with the Far East Organization is an exciting opportunity to further engage Asia," says Ole Scheeren, Partner of OMA. "The design vertically redistributes the floor area in four alternating towers to create a skyscraper in which architectural and urbanistic concerns merge with mechanisms that create added value. The architecture, in this sense, goes beyond form and generates symbiotic qualities".

Ole Scheeren is leading the project’s design, together with OMA Associate Eric Chang as the Project Architect. Ole Scheeren, Director of OMA Beijing, is responsible for the office’s work across Asia, including the 575,000 m2 CCTV tower and TVCC cultural center currently under construction in Beijing.

His previous work includes the Prada epicenter stores in New York and Los Angeles, for which Eric Chang also served as Project Architect.

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  • dylan

    why not make them move vertically like elevator cubes


  • preter

    Isn´t it a bit similar to the competition that they made for Gazprom in San Petersburg, just two months ago ??

    But there, the design was the result of the study of the old socialist imagery from Russia. what about here??

  • los ilustrados

    kind of boring from the outside, …not the oma i love

  • chris

    looks like a loudspeaker.
    not the oma i love either.

  • Jan

    Indeed, this is based on the design of Gazprom, for sure.
    I’ve attended a lecture of Koolhaas, last friday, there he mentioned the influence of Russian modernism, to start the design of Gazprom. The design for Gazprom was still a bit more mysterious or still in prelimanry designphase? Still the Singapore building looks really great!

  • cj

    is OMA running out of ideas? does far east organisation have ppl with bad taste making decisions?

  • Jacob

    I don’t know really.. the liberation of the ground thing. Typologically, freeing up more ground does nothing for the space experientially, it really is more leftover space rather than space that is thoughtfully planned for usage.

  • XArchloops

    Hmmmm… looks meaningful…getting love oma’s new direction ..

  • Dimitri

    That way the building is less heavy. I rather like this building. It is an interesting alternative for skyscrapers. And why does all the empty need to have a function? If you know how Koolhaas thinks about the urban planning of Berlin, then it all makes sense. So I say, good job!

  • pet

    The OMA i know for 100%
    Recycling all old stuff in its usual wanna-be-cool-manor.
    Which would be completely alright, if they wouldnt claim
    to be the top of the avantgarde.
    The example shown above is pure 60s architecture. There is
    no striking links to the russians, but the more to american
    and european examples of this era.

  • Hi,

    Unlike the many undoable designs that we see lately, this one can be built. The core goes all the up and down and serves also as an anchor in the ground. It is stable and it makes sense. All these rotating skyscrapers are conceptual only.


  • Omar

    Actually, I know that this building was designed before OMA even started the Gazprom competition, so if there are any similarities, Gazprom is based on the Singapore tower. But, Gazprom is way more dense and much larger scale, so they aren’t really comparable. I think this building rocks!

  • urosr

    any similarity with this late 70s modernist building?


  • i was working for planning and designing this wonderful building. its beyond of our advanced technology. however the weak point of this building is, build on that we called “ring of fire” continent that fragile against earth quake. Singapore is inside of it and this building must re-counted again.

  • kimly

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  • Prajeet Singh

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  • Old news somethimes become latest news.Suspended towers a great concept defying gravity.Hope to see the green gardens and much much more options as far as certifyed green products and tech.
    Adriana Sassoon