MAXXI by Zaha Hadid


MAXXI by Zaha Hadid

Legendary architectural photographer Hélène Binet has given us permission to publish this set of construction images of the MAXXI museum in Rome, designed by Zaha Hadid.


MAXXI stands for “Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo" (National Museum of 21st Century Art).


Binet took these images in November last year. Please note the photos are copyright of the photographer and published with permission.


>> more information on MAXXI in our previous story here






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  • Nuno

    Ahmm… you guys are Zaha Hadid geeks! :)

  • em

    Well, the museum is still far from being finished…
    Check the pictures at

  • No one world try this in my part of the world (Nigeria). Concrete cost a bundle over here! Beautiful flow. Would love to see how it sturnsout in the end. Thumbs up Zaha.

  • dalstonrosi

    Beautiful photos. As usual. Love Helen Binet’s work.

  • niels

    @ rsantosfernandes who said:

    “One of the best things about Zaha Hadid it´s the flowing aspect of all her works…they are really awesome for museums …
    but in other programs you always feel like there is no place to rest, to relax…to stay for a while. You always feel that you have to keep on moving, because everything around you flows. it might be very stressing to dwell such places (…) But this is a museum so … its fine…”

    IS IT???
    Compared to any other buildingtype, ESPECIALLY the museum is a place where i want ‘places to rest’, ‘to stay a while’, and NOT have the feeling that I have to ‘keep on moving’ !
    How can you stand still for a moment in this building, (as long as you like) and look at art, think about art, look at it again, sit down in front of it…

    I know why they shot these photo’s in an empty museum with just some dynamic figures inside; can you imagine paintings hanging on the wall?
    I can’t.

    So I must again come to the conclusion that this is another great dynamic Hadid building, indeed like one of her impressing paintings have come to life, but that it would only fit a collection of Italian sports cars. Even a Zaha Hadid painting would be to static to hang on these walls.

    Compare this to the Nottingham Contemporary museum (Caruso St. John Architects): a lot less WOW-effect, but it actually suits the SITE and the PROGRAM.