Established & Sons in Milan


Established & Sons in Milan

Live from Milan: we have just arrived in the city and have already bumped into the Established & Sons crew, who have given us images of the new collection they are launching today.


Shown here is a selection of products including designs by BarberOsgerby, Industrial Facility, Michael Young and Sebastian Wrong, whose Font Clock is shown above and below.


“The essence of the idea is the twelve fonts, all chosen for their design strength and individuality and all of which are twentieth century apart from one, an English 18th Century script," says Wrong. "In theory, at given points within the annual time cycle, all the fonts will run together for 5 Minutes.“


Above and below: Panoramic sofa by BarberOsgerby


BarberOsgerby say: “As the name suggests, we designed the Panoramic sofa system to be configured in infinite combinations and in all directions to create a soft landscape."

Above: Zipzi table by Michael Young, featuring a glass top on a base made of folded paper. “Walking through the streets of Shueng Wan in Hong Kong I was charmed to see a tiny little folded paper ball," says Young.

"My head was full of cold factories and machines which gave me a determination to work on what I thought to be this most regressive progressive project - an old Chinese technique of creating intricate objects by assembling folded paper - and thus the idea was born."


Above: Beam light by Industrial Facility. “When a child draws a light, they don’t only draw the source of the light, but they also try to draw the quality of light itself - as if light were an object," says Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility.

"I involved this simple idea into ‘Beam’. It’s an illustration of light itself as it emanates from a metal shade; capturing the moment when light is projected, casting light down and spreading it around."



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  • Audrey

    Now this is a clock I wouldn’t mind waking up to every morning! May the typography lovers look forward to knowing the correct time : )

  • Hello
    I am Rev Lennonx Farrell and i will like to order Sofa. Do you carry Panoramic sofa in stock.What is the price also what type of payment do you accept.Thank you

    Kind Regard
    Rev Lennonx

  • Erkin Ersoy

    Where can i buy font clock of sebastian wrong in vienna austria ?