Belgrade Design Week



We just got back from a lightning visit to Belgrade for the second annual Belgrade Design Week, which continues until Saturday.


Here are some photos from the dinner and party last night, attended by speakers including Hella Jongerius, Patricia Urquiola, Matali Crasset, Renny Ramakers of Droog and Marva Griffin Wiltshire of Salone Satellite in Milan.


Top image: Patricia Urquiola, Matali Crasset and Marva Griffin Wiltshire. Second image: the same three plus Hella Jongerius (far right). Above: Gaye Cevikel of Gaia and Gino and Maia Vidakovic of Belgrade Design Week.


Above: the Belgrade Design Week crew (Nina Babic, Jovan Jelovac, Maia Vidakovic)


Above: Steve Davies and Sonia Medic


Above: each speaker got an "elf" to look after them. This is Bojana Zejakovic and our lovely elf, Sanja Zdravkovic

Above: Renny Ramakers and Robert Thiemann of Frame magazine


We'll add this caption when we've remembered who everyone is.


Marcus Fairs with the Belgrade Design Week crew.

More about Belgrade Design Week - which was a lot of fun by the way - coming soon...

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  • Dragan Loncar

    Hey Marcus,

    Que surprise? Very nice of you to feature the party in Magacin, Belgrade. Here is the missing caption of the eight photo (second from bottom). From left: Zorana Grujicic, Sanja Zdravkovic, Dragan Loncar and Mirko Ilic. Have a lovely globetrottin’crazy man.

    All best,


  • Nenad

    Marcus you’ve got another regular so make it 212,001. You were very insightful and fun to listen to.. cheers!

  • Balint Z

    Q:so…..what was the best thing u’ve done there?

  • Damjan T

    So, when will be more photos from Belgrade?
    I couldn’t be there so they would be so precious to me…
    Best regards

  • Ow, quite a lot passed since BDW and I suddenly spotted link to dezeen on my friends blog. Nice to hear you had a great time here, as I was elfs manager :) We are looking forward to see you again in Belgrade… Best wishes

    Nebojsa aka Eniac

  • José A. Brouzzó Duncan

    I from Puerto Ordaz, Estado Bolivar-Venezuela. Iam Industrial Designer.
    Please send me Mail Marva Griffin. I like to know her.
    Thank you

  • Would have loved to be in Belgrade in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

    2009 was our first year in this great city and this great event. Passion makes the difference – check out our short film from our stay at