London 2012 Olympics logo 2


London 2012 Olympics logo 2

Graphic design made the front pages of British newspapers yesterday, with claims that widely ridiculed new logo designed by Wolff Olins for the 2012 Olympics in London (or at least the video that accompanies it) can trigger epilepsy attacks.

The video has now been removed from the London 2012 website.

Read the full scoop in The Sun.

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  • Pippa Crawford

    Read all the comments yesterday and while I’m no fan of the design, I think people are getting too hung up on the marque. Wolff Olins strategic thinking and the overall concept for the London Olympic brand is sound. What’s needed is for someone from the agency to come out and do a better job of selling its processes to the population at large.

    Give them and the logo a chance. If their strategic nous helps maintain London’s reputation as a place where it’s possible to break with conformity,then £400,000 will be value.

    I only hope Games organisers keep the paricipative message real and don’t over produce it, or drown it in sentiment.

  • Nuno


  • John

    (Pippa) I agree with you. Why wouldn’t embracing the idea be fantastic? I’m surprised there is so much controversy coming from London especially. Personally, I’m in full support of the objective of London 2012.

  • Fred

    Come on you guys. I’ve just read the comments and as said before: “bad design is bad design”. It’s old-fashioned, it’s too much in your face, it’s aggresive, it reminds of those old dragonball Z series I used to watch 10 or 20 years ago…

    I’ve worked on 2 olympiades as a TV broadcaster. How on earth are we going to fit this into game-graphics, opening sequences and so on. If this is going to be the style on which all grapic-designs for media coverage are based, you are going to see some very ugly sports coverage.

    The way I see it now, is that this is going to be a logo that will be ignored by many professionals. Sadly enough London will miss out on a chance to show the world what a modern town it is…

  • Pippa Crawford

    Fred, I agree that the logo isn’t a thing of beauty. But the overall brand concept, which Wollf Olins has had a hand in, is a participative Olympics. For a lot of people, this is a welcome break with the elite tradition of the games. (What would be the point of trying to put on a more lavish display than Bejiing or Athens? The cost would be more than taxpayers could stomach.)

    I think the decision to go for a different approach is the right one. I was trying to say that the brand is about so much more than design. It’s just a shame that this hasn’t been communicated successfully yet.

  • Fred

    I get your point and I agree, it was time for something new. And the the idea behind it is great.

    However I would have liked to see a more neutral design. Don’t forget that the games are a worldwide event, not everybody is as broad-minded as we probably are. As you see in the Sun, a ‘newspaper’ like that can allready bring down the IOC. That’s why I think something less obvious can provide you with a better start. Now you’re stuck with defending your ideas, while you could also just promote them. Furthermore, I don’t believe the olympic tradition should be used to “show your teeth”.

    Anyway, it’s allready been discussed and this even before the Beijing games have begun, hats of for that.


  • The Brits did not like the emblem, most probably because there is nothing related to British history and culture to make them proud of. Nationalism is evident in the graphical execution of Sydeny 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 emblems.

  • Toni

    has anyone else noticed it looks like jesica simpson giving head lool

  • Brad

    no i think you got it wrong Toni, it looks like Lisa Simpson giving head.