Ostel communist-style hotel in Berlin



Ostel is a new budget hotel in Berlin that celebrates Communist retro chic.


Rooms are furnished with Communist-era pieces rescued from private houses and second hand shops, and have nostalgic names such as Stasi Suite and Pioneer Camp.


The hotel is located in a former East German housing block in the Berlin Mitte district.


It also contains a Konsum store selling vintage souvenirs from the days of the German Democratic Republic.


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  • It looks clean, but it’s ugly and depressing.

  • you better visit poland dudes ;)

  • pezka

    heheh come to Poland we still have many such “beautiful” places… and if you want more go to Ukraine or Russia

  • having lived in communism, I can tell that floors do not look communist a bit. Otherwise, they were pretty successful in imitating 70’s communist style.

  • Zender

    Ugly and depressing (forgetting the clean part…) = you are describing comunism :)

  • Dan

    Looks exactly like every other 60’s 70’s motel every where else in the world.

  • Andy

    I agree with Dan. Some nice pieces, but pretty much identical to 70’s capitalist USA. I actually find it less ugly and depressing than modern day utilitarian hotel room aesthetic.

  • Shane

    Obviously very 70’sI think the colours are very warm and autumnal. Hardly depressing. I’d have thought communist era blocks were more dank and grey than this. Hey, it’s cheap and looks funky. I LAIKE!

  • Very funny! It is explosion from the past.)

  • Zender

    Even though some of us never lived on those days, the pictures above make nostalgy grown inside of us…

  • CVW

    communist chic…hmm, that’s called an oxymoron, right?
    the bedrooms are cheap & cheery- thanks largely to metal bedframes and the color yellow – very functional but that lr is somwhere out of a small northern suburb’s bachelor apartment -d-r-a-b and a little scary too.

  • Jesus Christ… if that’s what everyone got for free under communism I’m signing up for the revolution. No more homeless, no more obscenely rich – Rupert Murdoch will be put to death, and we all get to live in seriously agreeable housing for FREE.

  • jery

    nostalgic names such as Stasi Suite? who the hell are you kidding? no one thinks of the stasi in a nostalgic way, the whole regime was geared towards total supression, this whole place is a depressing travesty. let the GDR stay dead!

  • nollie

    if you think this is depressing, come to Rhyl in North Wales! communism is preferable.

  • Michael

    Be happy that you have the ability and privilege to stay in a place like that. I’m sure 2/3 of the world (or more) would not have a problem with that. You really don’t need any more than that, especially if its a hotel. A Hotel room is for sleeping. If you find the room distasteful, they are actually doing you a favour by forcing you to leave the hotel and go explore something in the city :)

  • Manuel

    hello we help the people of Cuba to leave Comunism….

  • Jason

    I’d like to see some rooms from the Nazi era, those fascists had style!

  • marta

    hehe looks like my childhood room in poland. i hated this communistic furniture so much.

  • rafelin71

    It could be a Spanish 70's house or flat…Nothing to do with comunism or capitalism…I like this style!