Pencil Jewellery by Gemma Holt



RCA summer show: the Royal College of Art's summer show has been taken down now, but we still have a few more students' work to show.


Pencil Jewellery by Design Products graduate Gemma Holt is, as you'd imagine, jewellery made from pencils.


Says Gemma: "A series of jewellery made from pencils, then gold foiled stamped with my own hallmark design. They are hexagonal to represent the profile of the pencil.


"There are currently bangles in various colours and finishes and a necklace. And then a series of Bic pens changed using rapid manufacturing (below).



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  • Grzechu

    rather silly and pointless…

  • BillyWizz

    Made me smile, we can’t always be so serious where’s the lead in your pencil Grzechu?


    Oh my god, such waste of pencil, of pen, of time…

  • nice work but not so innovative, and not upto the mark of the design college where u study. might have tried to explore some materials. sorry if too harsh

  • tax

    Rather smart and metrorustic

  • Karen

    Not silly or pointless at all. Clever and fun.
    I’d buy a piece.

  • Grzechu

    I’m not sure what’s so smart about it, but if you say so, it certainly has to be… :)

  • I want to have the ball pen in the use!
    that will pet the back of my hand while I write~

  • Laura

    It’s simplicity is what makes it clever and creative.

  • scott

    it made me smile. thank you.

  • This is so hilarious. I’d get one. I love those pens.

  • jemma

    I saw these at the RCA show and they made me stop, look and also smile, i think they are fun!

  • vally gal

    i want some pens like that, id buy them.
    im not sure if id wear a pencil necklass and bracelete?

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