Lightworks by Marcus Tremonto


Lightworks by Marcus Tremonto

Phillips de Pury & Company will present an exhibition of 16 lights by American designer-artist Marcus Tremonto in New York this December.


The show will feature 16 of Tremonto's lighting pieces and runs from 7 to 31 December. Images from top: Getty; Ragno; and Bauhaus lights.


A press release and biography of Tremonto follows:




New York – June 26 – Phillips de Pury & Company is proud to announce an exhibition of unique light works by Marcus Tremonto. Approximately sixteen pieces will be on view and for sale at Phillips de Pury & Company’s Chelsea galleries from December 7 - 31, 2007.

In the contemporary spirit of welding the functionality of design and the transcendent quality of art, Marcus Tremonto has created a dazzling body of work that features chandeliers, tables and wall pieces as well as magnificent pieces in the form of table sculpture. These evocative works that manipulate and draw with light and which have been in development for the last three years will, for the first time, be showcased in a gallery setting.

The cornerstone of this work is the artist-designer’s fascination with pushing the boundaries of readily available materials such as Perspex, into a precious work of art. For Marcus Tremonto, it is the development of materials that reflect the modern age and he strives to represent the future in shape. These ideas led to Tremonto winning Interior Design Magazines 2006 "Future Furniture" competition for a design utilizing rapid prototyping techniques.

Marcus Tremonto has been working with a lighting material that is electroluminescent, carefully composing forms creating a process that leaves each a unique example: some which pay homage to icons of modern design and are contextualized in a wholly inventive way and others which enter a more abstract and futuristic realm.

The body of work will include pieces from the Fantasma and Stitch series. The Fantasma pieces are a group of table and hanging works formed from a hand-finished panel of Perspex that supports a glowing line - the electroluminescent material. The Stitch series expands on the potential of this material which is encased in the acrylic and has been shaped by hand to create a voluminous form.

Some of these works reference the great designs of the modern era and others are more abstract and primal; in the shape of a sci-fi ray-gun cone or a sphere, all of which are referenced from pop culture and design history. A series of tables and wall works will be produced for the show which will incorporate light-drawing and imprinting on their surfaces. The colorful and luminous presence of each of these remarkable objects creates a magical sensory experience.

Born to a painter father, Marcus Tremonto first studied science earning degrees in Analytical Mathematics and Mechanical Physics and then working as an engineer. After earning his M.F.A. at The Art Institute of Chicago, Marcus began his career as an artist and successfully exhibited his work in galleries. But his fascination and enjoyment of the future soon directed him to new mediums and sculpting in materials that were born out of technological advance.

Working from his New York loft with few windows and a limited view to the buildings across the street, Marcus Tremonto began to experiment with designs that playfully expanded his restricted habitat. Fascinated with light of modern cities, he created a series of cityscapes that render a three-dimensional abstract skyline of miniature buildings hand-cut in plastic and lit up.

This first series achieved worldwide press for the artist. The lack of a hearth prompted the artist to create a small wall piece that flickered with firelight. His work consistently has enabled light to be striped of its purely functional restraints. Lightworks draws upon these early motives to affect a space with light and render worlds for the imagination to inhabit.

The exhibition will be on view from 10-5 pm in the Floor 3 Gallery, Phillips de Pury & Company, 450 West 15 Street, New York, NY 10011.

Tel: (212) 940-1200

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  • gerald messerman

    I was very excited to read about the work of Marcus Tremonto, and even more excited to see some of his work. Marcus’ father is an old and dear friend of mine. He must be absolutely delighted that his artistic talent and spirit have gone on to the next generation.
    If there is some way that I can see more of Mr. Tremonto’s work before the December exhibit, please let me know how.

    Gerald Messerman
    56 River Marsh Lane
    Kiawah Island, South Carolina,29455

  • l. frazar

    This is truly a dazzling body of work Tremonto has created. I saw a few of his pieces in Interior Design recently and look forward to seeing more plus his furniture pieces at the exhibit. Furniture design has been moving forward by leaps of recent and it’s refreshing to see an artist doing the same with lighting – drawing with light and not relying on the edison bulb. Fantastic work!

  • Audrey Friedman

    These pieces are magical and enigmatic and, most important original – the forms seem to float in space. I would like to see more of his work.

  • Esteban Faule

    Lighting has always been a passion of mine, but too often what is available is too modern or too antiquated. These pieces reignite my interest in the art of lighting and find Marcus Tremonto’s imagination to be truly forward thinking and the stuff of special talent. I will definitely be at the exhibit.

  • Jim

    These look terrific. Can’t attend Philips show, where can I see more?

    Jimmy Thin

  • john miller

    don’t think i’ll make the show. it looks terrific! i may be in ny in september. if so i’ll contact you. good luck!

    john m

  • Deborah Colman

    I look at alot of work both in the u.s. and europe being a 20th c design dealer and these pieces are unique and unlike any use of materials i have seen.
    I personally know Mr Tremonto and am very excited to see the expression of a truly creative thinker.
    The Phillips show will forge a new way of looking at light.
    deborah c

  • Paul Bell

    These are really amazing!! I look forward to seeing more of the designs..will they be posted?

  • jacqueline pruskin

    I have been very interested to see Marcus’ works for nearly a year now. My question concerns the length of life of the lighting technology used. Most 20th century lighting design uses the light bulb, which has been usually replaceble, enabling the lamp itself to live on. How is this new electroluminescence to compare?
    Might it be possible to see the lamps displayed and lit before the 5th of December when I am hoping to fly to Miami for DesignMiami?

  • Ariel Childs

    If you are interested in receiving a catalogue or price list for any of the works in Marcus Tremonto’s forthcoming Lightworks exhibition at Phillips de Pury & Company, please contact Alexander Sparey in the exhibitions department at Phillips:

  • OZ

    AMAZING!!! These works are beautiful and seeing them in the show at Phillips De Pury in New York was truley spectacular….