Opus Incertum by Sean Yoo for Casamania



Opus Incertum is a shelving and room partitioning system designed by Sean Yoo of Apt 5 Design for Italian furniture brand Casamania.


Made of expanded polypropylene, it was first launched in 2005 but is now available in a new range of finishes including gold (top).




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  • http://iaakuza.blogspot.com/ iaakuza

    the patter seems a “voronoi diagram”, it is really cool. Italy is alive!!

  • BillyWizz

    Marc Newsons version is nicer

  • echochair

    Newson's version costs $400,000 dollar more than this and came out 3 years after this. Now tell me which one is nicer?

    • 冯士元

      whether a version is nice or not is not based on its cost and date.does it fully convey the designer's point and if it does approprite to around are the important.

      • Cas

        Well, that just depends on what “nice” refers to. Copying a design is not “nice”, just as blood diamonds are not nice, even though you cannot tell the difference.