Marcel Wanders in Miami and Las Vegas


Marcel Wanders in Miami and Las Vegas

Here are more images of the Mondrian South Beach apartment project in Miami with interiors by Marcel Wanders, plus details of two new hotels Wanders is working on in Las Vegas.


Wanders is working with architect Chad Oppenheim on an 85-acre site at Echelon, Las Vegas, which will feature a Delano and Mondrian hotels for Morgans Hotel Group, which is also Wanders' client for the Miami project.


With a total of 5,000 hotel rooms, the complex will open in 2010. Download the PDF about the Las Vegas project here.

Mondrian South Beach, which was announced last December, is a luxury serviced apartment project at Biscayne Bay on Miami's South Beach. The images shown here show (top) the stairs area, (second image) the porte cochere, and (third image) the lounge area. More images and details of the project in our earlier story here.

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  • yeah! pretty neat stuff,
    but I wonder who the hell is gonna clean the dust in the stair…
    BTW, I think the “floral decorative” is being overused lately…

    *Congratulations for dezeen blog! I love your posts, really informative.

  • F

    absolutely gorgeous , the staircase is the best!

  • james A-R

    Very amateurish renders of silly work. I have to qgree with ecodesignblog about the decorative.

  • J3

    Trendy, Trendy, trendy. Just another over the top “decorated” project of no substance catering to our hedonistic culture obsessed with the now.

  • fax

    this is what i call 2D baroque…

  • The staircase is smokin hot. It will all look dated in 5-7 years though.

  • Bob Smith

    get a clue. the pattern on the staircase is not fretwork but printed glass. if your really going to comment on design, have a clue about what you are talking about. it is obvious that some of you just don’t have a clue when looking at renderings.

  • Ren

    Marcel, the kitsch 50 and 60s period is over in Miami beach please don’t make us suffer again !

  • Edmond

    SO sad….pass the ice cream

  • vv

    so cartoon style…

  • Meli

    It doesn’t matter if that staircase is fretwork or glass…it’s ALREADY dated. Please no more large scale two-tone baroque patterns, thank you.

  • Daniel Shi

    minimalism will be out in 21 century, a new vision of design has to be develpped. our sensibility was retarded by minimalism, noe it’s time to be recovered!

  • Maybe to a few design snobs the ornateness looks dated, but I personally love Marcel Wanders work and find it indicative of where design is going. Personally, I'm done with re-interpretations of Versailles and anything that reeks of "Old Money" (altho I do admire Ralph Lauren for sticking to his guns).