Dune Formations by Zaha Hadid 2



Here is a set of 12 photos taken by architectural photographer Hélène Binet of Zaha Hadid's Dune Formations installation at the Venice Art Biennale earlier this summer.


We first wrote about this project back in June, where you'll find all the info and a few more pics.










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  • Grzechu

    And once again: EWWWW!
    Seriously, guys… these are absolutely AWFUL!

  • btc

    looks like it came out of my bottom



  • i believe that exploiting forms of such nature can give much better results!

  • David

    For the next Star Wars movie ?…, Jabba’a palace,

  • kevin

    what is it?

  • lerbusier

    and zaha hadid is ugly and fat!she is the anti-christmas. scaryyyy

  • dAN

    Reminds me of the inside of a Twirl bar… These should be in the chocolate museum!

  • mtr0212

    it´s a pity that zaha and george lucas did not meet before…

  • KD

    To lerbusier, let’s be prof. in our comments and we shouldn’t be racial!! regards

  • lerbusier

    KD i wasn’t making any racial remarks.i only refer to zaha being ugly and fat, wich i think everybody agrees with me. zaha has a special styling hability it’s a pitty that it is only styling and not honest design according to human needs and ergonomics. she builts sculptural spaces instead of building spaces thinking about the users first and them the stylized, aerodynamic fluid shapes that are her fetish! look to norman bell gueddes and you’ll find much about zaha. best regards to all and sorry about my earlier comment it was unapropriate.

  • mobina noori

    really nice

  • shiva aramesh



    thank ful

  • not very practical, too few can boast of having the space to house such an arrangement and that supposedly is only the living room with wall unit…

  • Zaha is so very fine. She and her studio are producing the future

  • Mazen

    Caramel town. Most of Hadid’s work is similar to mid 20th century sci-fi films and illustrations. Perhaps it’s her nostalgic fetish that is expressed (Obviously) in her projects. I was a fan of her formations and living environments, but only because i was a fan of Star-Trek when i was younger. Now i’m 34. Best

  • bahman poor

    very nice picture

  • I've enjoyed some of Hadid's work in the past but unfortunately this isn't one of them because for me the work doesn't enhance the 'Dune' on any level. Derivative in form yes, colour is reminiscent yes but no x-factor (accessible/original differentiation) that lures you into the wonderous, mystical character of the natural form.