New work by Jasper Morrison


New work by Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison has updated his website with images of recent work, including this limited edition, polished aluminium stool, designed for the Tabourets (Stools) exhibition at Galerie Kreo in Paris (until 13 October).


Above: SGH-E590 mobile phone for Samsung (more info in our earlier story)


Above and below: J series side-by-side refrigerator for Samsung


Below: Museum Pieces for a solo show at Galerie Kreo (2006)


Below: Carrara Tables (2006) for a solo show at Galerie Kreo


Below: Mirror (2004), designed for a group show at Galerie Kreo


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  • Ren

    The aluminium stool by Morrison was one the best projects in that terrible Kreo Gallery stool exhibition, (DEZEEN maybe post the exhibition up so everybody can see). Although I do ask myself, If Morrison is all about ‘Normal’ objects for everyday use, like this stool, why does he put this in a Gallery ?, apart from making lots of money of course. I find it contradictory to his ethos.

  • David

    I am totaly dissapointed to see that Kreo Gallery sells their designer “names” rather than their products. The “Tabouret” projects looked like bad student work. It seems that its not what you do today its who you are.

  • About Ren’s comment… I don’t know what one thing has to do with the other, why do designers work for vitra or capellini? They should all work for ikea and design stuff most people can afford.. that’s the logic of your comment? no contradiction there ;)

    The work process of Morrison is one of deep intellectual and even artistic value so it’s not surprising his stuff gets shown in a gallery..

  • Nobby

    How do you get 3 fans of Morrison’s deep intellectual and even artistic work on to one of his limited edition, polished aluminium stools?

    Put it in a gallery and turn it upside down.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ahem, ha.

  • Ren

    Good joke Nobby.

    Pedro :

    I dont think Morrisons work is as intellectual as one would imagine its just about being normal and usefull, I just feel that this isn’t reason enough to treat it like a piece of art, hence my perception of a ‘contradiction’.

  • Ben

    I prefer Naotos stool for Magis, nice chrome stools.

  • capital S

    to all. look beyond the exterier.
    morrison is now a brand.
    the ‘brand’ morrison is marketing.
    the ‘brand’ morrison is concerned with promoting the brand.
    the ‘brand’ morrison is not concerned with designing products for fellow human.
    the ‘brand’ morrison is concerned with protecting the ‘brands’ market share.
    the ‘brand’ morrison is not concerned with the supernormal but super promotion for the ‘brand’.

  • Alexs

    If morisson expose his work at gallerie kreo, it’s because this work have been edited by gallerie kréo, and what he do for the gallery, that’s not possible to do it with ikéa.