Dezeen relaunches


Welcome to the new-look Dezeen! We hope you like our new design. Thanks to Micha Weidmann who created our new identity and designjunction who designed the site - it's been a pleasure to work with such talented people.

Read a bit more about the thinking behind the redesign here. Lots more innovations and developments coming soon... meanwhile, enjoy...

Posted on Monday September 17th 2007 at 11:01 pm by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • mmmh

    Sorry But its over dezeened!!!!

  • Nuno

    I like it… but I think 2 rows would work better…

  • indeed

    the text on the right side is too large… it looks quite clumsy

  • Someone

    I don’t like your new look, the logo is cute but the layout and colours seem outdated! I preferred your old look.

  • Dezeen is in my top 5 design/architecture/cool stuff/time wasting/kill for that piece of furniture sites. I know you guys will keep putting out great content but I loved the simple format before.
    I am catching up on my feeds tonight and I have a bunch of tabs open and when I got to this tab I double checked I was on the right site because the design was the exact opposite of what I was expecting.
    Need more color, more elegeance, less big font sizes on the right, more flow, and less noise.
    It is a simple 3 column layout but for some reason it doesn’t come across as easy to read.

  • dzn

    Your site has become slow…rrrreeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy ssssslllllllllooooowwwwwww

  • Fredrik

    First of all thanks for a terrific designblog with great content; interesting topics, relevant and passionate text and appealing images.

    Here is some of my feedback due to the new design:

    The main issue for me is that the left and right column take to much attention from the main content (middle column). The reason for it is mainly because of using to big font-sizes and bold in the side columns compared to the main column. I do know that Akzident Grotesk is a font which looks best when used in big sizes and bold, but in this case I think it should be over ruled by the main content.

    There might be more issues to discuss but I think the above would be the main issue to look at and it wouldn’t take to much time to test either :)

    It’s a hard job to do a new look, especially when it differs alot from the present which people got used to.

    Good luck!

    Best wishes!


  • chapmaniac

    This sucks, and whats with the serifs?

  • nick

    You’d think a blog that covers design would relaunch with a great looking site – this is lame and boring, dont you guys know any good design firms???

  • george

    the nice thing about the old design was that it was so simple so as to not distract or interfere with the beautifully curated content.

    the same cannot be said now :(

    but, if the need for multiple columns and more information persists as the site develops, please consider a more elegant delivery, particularly keeping in mind fonts and alignment.

  • dAN

    I think it’s looking pretty fresh – nice one!

    I do agree that the right column is over dominant… also the banner ad at the top feels kind of awkward & cramps the logo…

    Lastly I noticed there are a number of discrepancies when viewed with Internet Explorer vs Firefox, but hey, it’s the web – tweaking is everything!

    All the best

  • Tanguy Rolin

    I am all in favor of change but why try to fix sthg which is not broken????

    The previous lay-out had clarity and is why it attract over 1million hit

  • Kajihoo


  • kiso takuma

    your site is a crap !
    please stop messing with design !
    please do now ..
    what you show is great !
    your site is bad !

  • daas

    It’s nice after you scroll down 3 or 4 articles

  • Well I’m flattered you all care so much! I know a lot of people loved the old-skool dezeen… but I want to move on. I have big plans for the site and it needed an overhaul – technically as well as visually – to accommodate the things I want to start introducing. Dezeen just got too big for my clapped-out web 1.0 WordPress theme.

    A big point of the redesign is to make it easier for people to find their way around and to encourage people to spend longer on the site. People weren’t using the side-column navigation very much – which, let’s face it, was a total mess – and so most visitors just looked at one or two pages and then moved on. Not good – that’s why its now bigger and clearer. It’s working already… traffic today has been incredible and stickiness has gone up significantly.

    Obviously there are glitches – that’s to be expected. Please let me know about them; they’ll get fixed over time. And bear with me… you’ll come to love it as much as I do I’m sure…

    Anyway, people visit dezeen for the content, not the layout, and personally I think the layout significantly enhances the content. Images look fucking great now, don’t you think?! Especially portrait-oriented images, which blogs hardly ever use but which look amazing now on dezeen, I think (eg today’s Industrial Facility story, Selfridges Wonder Wall story…)

    And maybe it’s my print background, but I LOVE seeing strong typography next to images. I don’t know why more sites don’t do it. Why does navigation text have to be teeny tiny?

    But whether you agree or not, thanks for your passion – FAR better to relaunch to a tirade of abuse than to silence. Keep it coming!


  • F

    Mr Fairs –
    You have made your point very clearly – and once again proven what a great writer you are –
    we would be very bored without you..

  • El Greco

    El Greco believes:

    – smaller font size for left/right column

    – blk/purple/orange? no. Try blk/mustard/grey

    – logo is fine but banner ad interferes.

    – thick horizontal divider lines: could be a touch smaller.

    Don’t be discouraged. Keep going.

  • Fusspot

    Lose the space between the top of the page and the banner advert.

    If menu items are taking 2 lines then reduce the type size or the number of words for that item. And try a little leading.

    >”but I LOVE seeing strong typography next to images”
    …me too, if the type pertains to the image.

    What use is the menu category ‘design’ on a design blog?