PizzaKobra by Ron Arad for iGuzzini



PizzaKobra, a new table light designed for iGuzzini by Ron Arad, gets its UK launch tonight at iGuzzini's London showroom.


The light features an articulated, chrome-plated spiral that can lie in a flat coil on the ground (like a pizza) or be raised to resemble a cobra about to strike.

There are more images and details on the PizzaKobra website. Details from iGuzzini follow:



design: Ron Arad
year: 2007

Calling it a table lamp would be restrictive. PizzaKobra is a project.

The design is fluid and ever-changing. The shape is unstructured: at times it resembles a pizza, at times a cobra and sometimes it can look like a spiral.

Design, technology and material are expressed in a pure form, where the tension in terms of change and evolution is strong, and the playful influence of Ron Arad can clearly be seen.

The many different positions which PizzaKobra can assume make it an unstructured, flexible object, a perfect interpretation of the spirit in which Arad creates his designs: the element of function is there but is almost concealed, compressed by the chosen shape, by this chrome-plated spiral where light is captured and reflected between the hinges, just as it is in the interplay between mirrors.

The use of the selected material is also somewhat destabilising: the metal is unexpectedly soft, sinuous and bent to serve the shape.

PizzaKobra is the new iGuzzini dream light, an object of transformation par excellence and the ideal instrument for linking the company as it is today with the potential creative paths it may take in future.

Highly innovative and offering high levels of technical performance, PizzaKobra is the symbol of the new language of shape, which is increasingly used to express the lighting technology of the future: 6 cool white 1W LEDs and the option of directing the light-emitting head independently of the hi-tech hinges are features which guarantee that light is always emitted efficiently over the surface on which you are working. A switch with standby sensor on the light-emitting head means that the lamp can be switched on and off with a simple touch.

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  • ren

    Proctology lamp ?

  • David

    Ron Arad once said “I create trends and then run away from them”

    I think he meant “I create objects and then run away from them”

  • devil

    Ron, wake up ! the 90’s are over, Karim Rashid took your place !

  • Mattia Nuzzo

    Ron Arad does some awesome work, but I just can’t get behind this one due to its lack of purpose. Why exactly do we need a lamp like this? Maybe if it was in a larger scale it would be more interesting?

  • fBot

    Isn’t it just an example of how light can be used in a unique way. Light has no structure unlike many other areas of design. I think the form is supposed to irrelevant and it’s just one way of getting a lot of fluidity and different function into a table lamp. Sure the light output isn’t going to be that flash or the colour rendering perhaps but there are far too many gimps putting “light bulbs” into shades/ diffusers of some sort and calling them selves lighting designers. I think its different and wno’t use much energy so I am all for it.

    Someone in the design world has to be expressive and inventive. Surely we don’t want all pared back and minimal all the time.

    Yes, Karim sux

  • chapmaniac

    I find many of Arad’s projects of late to be nothing but high-tech formal/sculptural wank-off’s (almost as pointless, wasteful and utterly confused as Zaha’s). This product show’s a return to the whimsy of Arad’s early work such as his Bookworm (1994) and I think its a classic in the making. Wonderful!

  • have you ever heard Ron Arad in a conference?
    do you know why he designs and how is his perception of design?

    this object really fits his way of doing things…

    Tip: don’t ask oranges to the lemon tree

  • Oliver Ike

    If it works, which is the only thing that I slightly doubt, it is interesting as chapmaniac says, no the usual wank-off sculpture thing

  • As a lighting designer for iGuzzini I can tell you that this lamp is a revolution, (consider the costanza of artemide being the best sold desklamp).
    Finally a desk lamp wich is more than a lightsource but also a sculpture and you can give it the shape you want.
    If it’s flat it’s like a pizza, and if it’s stretched out it’s like a kobra, PizzaKobra..
    Sure LED has a cold colour, but there are also warmwhite LED’s and surprisingly the light output is about 500 lux, which is required on a officedesk.

    Believe me this lamp is a classic to be, and it makes me happy to work with it.

  • check this out!!!
    a students work from last year .
    bezalel academy .
    where ron arad visited last year .

    nice work

  • Mondi

    Ron Arad may have visited Bezalel last year but the PizzaKobra light was designed 8 years ago. It has taken this long to find someone with the technical ability to put it into production.

  • hi …. i like cheese

  • Fire

    What is a lamp when it’s switched off?
    What does it do?
    Will form always follow function?

    The PizzaKobra challenges these questions and is set to be a design classic.
    I suggest this lamp would be a good investment and in my opinion looks really good.

    innoative, efficient, functional, well made, it can blend into the background effortlessly or standout screeming look at me.

    A lot of the asthetic beauty of this lamp is down to the end user due the many positions this lamp can form and i want one

    Very Stupid name though………….

  • Carolyne

    Why all the discourse?

    It’s a lamp and it looks great, end of story.

    If you striped all the names and connotiations away would it still be a great lamp??? If they sold it in Ikea would we all want one?