Cut Glasses by John Harrington at designersblock



Designer John Harrington showed his Cut Glasses chandelier (below) and illuminated cornice (above) at designersblock in London last weekend, during the London Design Festival.


The chandelier is made from crystal glasses and hangs from an illuminated, cast glass ceiling rose.


The cornice is also made from internally lit cast glass.




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  • ana

    Looks great! Wondering what is the sound of it…

  • Sharon Campbell

    Stunning glass chandlier, would like to see this in more detail. What does it look like unlit? Fantastic concept for the cornice and ceiling rose where can I see it in situ?

  • Kelly Marie Burns

    I saw thia in real life, and I must say it definatly has the wow factor!! amazing conceptual idea. love it.. fits lovely with the cornice and ceiling rose. Lets just say it knicks the spots of plaster… even though I love that too… : )

  • Kelly Marie Burns

    woops sorry about the spelling mistakes …

  • tamasine pritchard

    wow what an inspiration i would love to see more of this work. it would be nice to see the cornicing in its different light colours.

  • Kerry Manor

    The pieces are absolutely amazing! I have actually heard a rumor that the glass chandeliers are going to be in the new Ritz in Miami!!! Does anyone know of any more info about it??????????