1/1 by Established & Sons



British furniture brand Established & Sons launched their new London gallery with an exhibition of one-off pieces earlier this month.


The exhibition, called 1/1, features five furniture designs from the Established & Sons collection by Zaha Hadid, Amanda Levete, Jasper Morrison and BarberOsgerby, all made from solid Carrara marble.


The pieces were first shown at Elevating Design, a non-selling exhibition organised by the brand in September.


The brand's new permanent gallery, called Limited, is at 2-3 Duke Street, London SWI.

The gallery opened to coincide with the Frieze Art Fair and a number of other London events aimed at collectors, including Design Art London and Covent Garden Super Design.

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  • come on

    hey all you designers, lets make some ugly worthless stuff and sell it for tons of money. This is just what our word needs. Established & Sons keep polluting with their big name designers. No shame left.

  • Ren

    Hey ‘come’, the projects aren’t for sale !

  • Lianne Burton

    I think that Established & Sons are creating context and meaning in a world where there’s such an overload of design information and new design product…… WE really need curators and patrons to edit and contextualise products…and Alasdhair Willis is playing this role brilliantly. Of course, sticking your neck out means you’ll take flak….but I say more of this kind of thinking please….!!!!!

  • Mattia Nuzzo

    I agree Lianne. Plus, they’re creating context and meaning while producing and marketing some really amazing conceptual-leaning designs. However, I would like to know if the new gallery space exhibiting these pieces does qualify E&Sons to now offer them for sale beyond the original non-selling exhibition. Either way it works.

  • Thomas

    I don’t agree with the first comment above. You can’t say that is ugly and worthless stuff – it is an other dimension to design. Established and Sons is more and more creating its own unique market segment far away from all the Italian Design companies, with its own design strategy. You like it or you don’t but it is fresh and new to an industry which has been really boaring for the past 10 years.

  • come on

    To all you fakes and phonies. Where is the fresh ? Where is the new? What are you writing about? Worthless marble sulptures? Anything can be called art. Anything can be discussed, but the king is nude. Everything is for sale in the end. Stablishit and sons found the novorish market and going wild. Where is the design? Selling poorly made wooden boxes? Italians at least take pride in their work and do it well. I advise you all to go take a close look at stabme and sons products. your better off buying ikea.

  • tiffany

    inspired by Marc Newson. Where are the good, fresh NEW ideas?