Ciudad del Medio Ambiente by Modostudio, Adhoc, Barbarela and Bestbefore architects



A team of four architectural practices (Modostudio, Adhoc, Barbarela and Bestbefore) have won an international competition to design the Ciudad del Medio Ambiente - or Environment City - in Santomera in the Spanish province of Murcia.


The project will be built in a former quarry and will feature buildings addressing ecological issues.


Modostudio are based in Italy while the other three practices are Spanish.


Here's some credits and text from Modostudio:


Location: Santomera, Spain
Client: City of Santomera
Type: International competition - winning project
Building area: 130 hectares
Budget: € 16.000.000,00
Year: 2007


Design team: Modostudio (Fabio Cibinel, Roberto Laurenti, Giorgio Martocchia), Adhocmsl (Juan Antonio Sánchez, Miguel Mesa del Castillo, Riccardo Crespi), Best Before (Enrique Nieto), Barbarela studio (Juan Carlos Castro)
Consultants: Forest engineering: Victor Manuel Castillo Sánchez; Biology: Dott.ssa Maria Dolores Martínez-Mena García; Structural engineering: Julián Pérez Castillo; Landscape: Arch. Nathalie Gidrón


The competition envisions the recovery of a stone quarry in the region of the Murcia. The project, besides generating a high quality environmental recovery, creates a series of spaces to house activities dedicated to profound environmental themes: a true city of ecology. The area is subdivided in to various architectonically unique zones that accommodate respectively:

1, Center of ecological formation
2, Regional school of hunting and fishing
3, School of fire prevention and extinction
4, forest museum





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    looks like a prehistoric creature!

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    what a glorious monster… i want to know more about the materials used

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    materials? maybe a 80% reflective silver mat with a slight bump for the monsters and a white solid diffuse material for the rest… could be enough?

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    I would like to se details…and budget:)

  • I am from Santomera, but don’t know anything at all about that project and neither my relatives and friends do… Are you sure that’s going to be built in Santomera? It’s strange that it’s been on a foreign web where I have first read about it :S

    I wish it was true, I think it’s beautiful… but I really think that project is not going to be built in my town and nobody knows anything about that…

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    No horrible!

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