More from Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show 2007



Here's a second selection from the Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show, which opened yesterday (Saturday) during Dutch Design Week.

Designer: Nacho Carbonell
Department: Man and Well Being
Project Name: Dream of sand (above)
Project text English: These outdoor benches made of sand in situ become comfortable and flexible seating elements through the addition of colourful liquid rubber.


Designer: Nacho Carbonell
Department: Man and Well Being
Project Name: Pump it up (above)
Project text English: Filled with foam, the textile chair enters like a parasite into a symbiotic relationship with its user by assuming the shape of his/her body.


Designer: Max Lipsey
Department: Man and Activity / Man and Communication
Project Name: Inside > OUT (above)
Project text English: We should try to establish a closer connection between the products we use and the outside world. The transparent clock hanging in the window offers a view of the sky. The coat rack hooks look like tree branches reaching into the room.


Designer: Steven Kessels
Department: Man and Well Being
Project Name: Ventilator: Movement, time and weight (above)
Project text English: The blades of this device are based on the wings of an airplane, its operating mechanism on ancient clockwork. The combination of old and new techniques makes the ventilator a beautiful wall or ceiling ornament.


Designer: Liora Rosin
Department: Man and Well Being
Project Name: All things fall by their own weight (above)
Project text English: Inspired by a Spanish proverb, Liora Rosin designed three saltshakers. Fitting in the palm of a hand, the delicate greyish-green porcelain forms entice the user to play with shape, salt and gravity.


Designer: Salem van der Swaagh
Department: Man and Well Being
Project Name: Woven Burial Cloth (above)
Project text English: A biodegrable but strong burial cloth woven of silk and various kinds of paper. The ends of the long strips serve as handles for the pallbearers; the slits in the weaving can hold personal mementos.


Designer: Luuk van Vugt
Department: Man and Well Being
Project Name: Kroonjuwelen (above)
Project text English: Executed in high-grade gleaming metal instead of hideous skin-coloured plastic, these sex toys based on the shape of the crown jewels are beautiful, decorative showpieces.


Designer: Reinier Bosch
Department: Man and Living
Project Name: kacheltafel (above)
Project text English: With hot air passing through the stove, the hollow tabletop, and the table legs, the steel 'stove table' will be the centre of social life in large catering and living spaces. Hominess with a sleek, industrial outlook.


Designer: Pieter de Caluwé
Department: Man and Well Being
Project Name: Attic shelf (above)
Project text English: Climb the Attic shelf and enter your own personal world: a cupboard that you can fill with your most precious belongings.

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