Blossom light by Hella Jongerius


Tokyo design week: Blossom, a new floor light by Hella Jongerius for Swiss lighting brand Belux, was launched at Tokyo design store Cibone this week as part of Design Tide.

The product features three separate lights and uses unusual materials such as a base of either leather, terracotta or felt and switches made of hand-cast bronze (above).

See too the enamelled plates Jongerius created for Cibone, which were also launched this week.

Here's some info from Cibone:


w340. d340. h1820
Arriving in October
JYN 556,500

The Blossom lights are made up of a subtle combination of materials and textures. The lamps, based of flower shapes come in a variety of colours, the cord is like a fabric tube, the bases come in leather, terracotta and felt - unusual materials in the world of lighting, and the swithch on each lamp is hand made in bronze.

The lamp is highly versatile, the largest element providing indirect light to the room and the 2 smaller elements ideally suited to spotlighting. Each light can be controlled independently.

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  • Mattia Nuzzo

    Hideous and stupid.

  • Not exactly the most innovative lighting system.

  • Ren

    Consistant to her design approach, a very particular esthetic often refered to as “rancid”

  • Pierre

    Clumsy. Don’t give us this handmade thingy again…

  • El Greco

    Hella ugly.

  • Pierric

    Not agree….good project, full of memories and poetry. Clever as all the Jongerius projects

  • Michael

    Lovely design. And very other than the others.