Dezeen traffic update


Check out our Tokyo wheels! We have our own personalised Mazda, generously provided by Tokyo Designers Week and Jetro. But this story is not about traffic jams on Aoyama-Dori but about our visitor figures, which broke all records last month, with over quarter of a million unique visitors. In total we had 279,047 visitors in October, with 566,333 pageloads (source and graph:

Things are hotting up - it took us nine months to get our first million readers but it looks like we'll get our second in less than half that. Thanks to everyone who visits Dezeen for helping us grow so fast.

Thanks also to everyone at Jetro, Design Association, TDW, 100% Design Tokyo, Design Tide, Aoyama Gakuin University etc for looking after us so well the last few days...

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  • Nuno

    hahaha very cool!

  • Lol, is that so the insurgents know which car to aim at?!