Tu-Tu by Rock Paper Scissors


Tokyo design week: Japanese design company Rock Paper Scissors has designed a product that acts as both packaging and a display system for fresh flowers.

Called Tu-Tu RTD (Ready to Display), the product consists of a short vase that holds a single stem, inside a plastic tube that protects the flower in the shop and on the way home.

The vase is made of recycled paper and the tube is made of recycled PET plastic.

Tu-Tu was presented at Design Tide in Tokyo this week, in collaboration with Suntory Flowers.

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  • interesting product…really nice

  • fabulous

  • Bonzo

    seems like more ways to develop more packaging for landfill sites –

  • Danno

    Cute, but completely superfluous and wasteful.

  • all of these stuff for only one flower?
    are you kiding?