Cuma and Cross by Takehiro Ando


Tokyo Design Week: Takehiro Ando's installations at 100% Design Tokyo consisted of interlocking felt components.

The felt pieces are available in two shapes, Cuma (shown above), and Cross (shown below).

Ando exhibited the shapes linked to form wall hangings, lighting installations, table cloths, rugs and furniture covers.

Ando has set up a new company,, to promote his products.

Some of the photos below are from Salone Satellite in Milan, where Ando showed in April.

Posted by Rose Etherington

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  • Thi passos

    Very nice!!!!!Simple idea!!!!!Great product!

  • charlie

    why are people just creating module and connecting them?

  • mobina noori

    I enjoy your ideas in your design.
    col U send me more photos ?