Herringbone Houses by Alison Brooks Architects


Photographer Cristobal Palma has sent us photos of Herringbone Houses, a newly completed project in London by Alison Brooks Architects.

The two houses, in Wandsworth, south London, get their name from their herringbone-pattern timber cladding.

Here's some text from Alison Brooks Architects:


Two 400sqm houses, designed by Alison Brooks Architects for Lyford Investments, have recently been completed in Wandsworth, London.

Named "Herringbone Houses" for the unique patterning to the timber façades, the two buildings overlook the South London Bowls Club.

Each open-plan house is composed of two surfaces of herringbone timber and graphite render that extend from exterior to interior to form walls, floors, external decking and fences.

These planes interlock and fold inward at the centre of the house to create a double height entrance hall open to the sky. The ground floor living spaces open directly onto series of terraces and decks.

Elements of the timber cladding were prefabricated so that the installation cost was equivalent to standard weatherboarding.

The herringbone pattern creates an optical "accordion" illusion of a folded, 3-dimensional surface.


Posted by Rose Etherington

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  • Nuno

    Fun looking house.

  • tommi

    nice details

  • bioz

    very nice , , i liked ther having fun with wood with a neat dg , but i could also say , hello 2o’s, all i ask is for inovation!

  • rodger

    a misapplication of the herringbone, if i ever saw one.
    what an unnecessary visual distraction it is.

  • danseng

    great way to say, “ROB MY HOUSE!”

  • Beautiful stairs! I would love to have those at home.

  • Andrew

    yeah the stairs are really beautiful, bu the first thing that popped out at me when I saw them was how difficult it would be to clean/dust the overhangs, that one inch surface on the opposite side of the glass, especially near the top. Oh well, I guess if this is your house, you’re not going to clean it anyway, so it’s not a big deal!

  • The stairs are immense, I like the way the back looks onto the park/bowling green. The inside appears to be fairly spacious to. Overall a good design I believe.

  • reiniz

    it seems that inside is more simple and looks better than aplicative outside fasades

  • alice namara

    i want one. love the quirkness.

  • peter

    bit of house VI by peter eisenman on those upside down stairs

  • Lilly

    This hosue is not too bad but the wooden cladding is quite distracting (but strangely visually appealing too though) and will prove to have been a bad idea as the high maintanance kicks in later on…

  • Edona

    Hi, this house is great, I love it. I am a student of architecture, and I have homework for tomorrow to draw a plan of a house that I like, and that I will find it in Internet. Can You please help me, and if You can send me the base of the house, if you don’t mind? Im am a student of first year, I just have started, if You send it to me You will really help me. My e-mail is: dona_cool15@hotmail.com.
    Thanke you in advance.

  • guerilla

    The house should be called the Chevron Hose because that is the actual pattern on the exterior.

    Herringbone is a pattern that interlocks with overlapping layers.

  • felix

    yeah indeed this is not herringbone