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We just got a belated first birthday present from Italy - a cutting from Corriere della Serra's Io Donna magazine, which has a feature about Dezeen in its special issue about design.

The feature opens a special section about movers and shakers on the London design scene (Established & Sons and the team at the Design Museum also feature), and has an interview (above) with Dezeen founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs, who the magazine describes as "Il giornalista più clicatto del momento".

Here too is a cutting from the latest issue of French Elle (above), in which Matali Crasset describes Dezeen as her favourite website (below). Thanks Matali!

And while we're at it, there's a review of Marcus's book, Twenty-First Century Design in the latest issue of Frame magazine. The review describes the book as "a 463-page encyclopaedia of cutting-edge design" and says it is "worth the design aficionado's time and money".


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  • eli

    no doubt you are my (and i believe many people) favorite website and/or magazine. keep going. congratulations.

  • i am

    love you. best magazine. best website. just a tip: post more articles about revival industries/cultures. it’s good to know how the world is becoming with no interest (master plans everywhere, icons in every corner…), but will be very good to find designers and architects who care, inspire and revive tiles, glass, ceramics and other industries… happy birthday.

  • Kudos to the “most clicked journalist” on the web!!! :)

    p.s.: it’s “Corriere della sera”, with just one “r”, and “cliccato” – two “c”s and one “t” – I know, Italian is a weird language… ;)

  • Nuno

    Pretty good!

  • robert

    hate him

  • F

    About time ou swallow your ego and vanity a little Marcus , and go back to what you do best . writing .

  • john

    last time I checked, copy and pasting press releases is does not a journalist make.

  • Serena Trab

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only italian designer that take an eye (…well…both eyes!) on, every single day…



    : ) JAIME

  • maja

    just to say hi from belgrade
    you make my day! great stuff

  • congrats…great work

  • Tyler

    yeah, congrats, great work mate, keep it up!

  • luxury larry

    i don’t know what the article says, but i too check this site everyday. please keep things rolling along.

  • I came across Dezeen by pure chance and ever since then I have subscribed to your RSS feed. I make sure to read your articles even at the office, and the high-quality pictures that come with them make them even more appealing (my fav part, really).

    Keep going, bravo!