New products by Conof.


Tokyo design week: Conof. is another Japanese brand producing sparse, (mostly) white objects. Here are some of the products they showed at 100% Design Tokyo last month.

Above: Shredder (comes in other colours too). See our stories on Metaphys and plusminuzero for more quirky Japanese industrial minimalism.

Above and below: desk light

The light source swivels 360 degrees

Above: the desk light features USB and laptop power sockets

Above and below: heater

Hot air comes from the bottom of the heater to warm your feet; the top can be raised to increase heat flow

Above: heater

Above and below: telephone

A pictograph of a ringing telephone lights up on the back of the phone to indicate an incoming call

Above: recharging base station of the telephone

Above and below: webcam

Below: webcam

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  • I was searching how to describe or what to say…. you’ve written: Japanese industrial minimalism. Metaphys, plusminuzero and this Conof


    cool products, I’m not excited about all but. I mostly like products of plusminuzero.

    Well best would be to touch it and see details. next destination TOKYO))))

  • J


  • Nuno

    Cool stuff, yet that telephone made me go back to 1984!

  • Ben

    Lame name , nice design, :)

  • Tyler

    Pretty inspiring appliances.

  • Rare

    HOW MUCH!!!!????
    Give me a set!!!!

  • Rui

    Very nice products..
    Anyone knows where we can buy them in Europe?