Wind by Maarten Baas


Design Miami 07: Dutch designer Maarten Baas has created a limited edition of his Clay fans with a chrome glaze.

The fans, called Wind, come in three sizes and were presented by Moss at Design Miami over the weekend.

Here's a bit of info from Moss:


Wind by Maarten Baas, the Netherlands
a series of monumental electric fans, hand-sculpted in chrome-glazed industrial clay, applied over a metal skeleton

Each fan is hand-made by Baas; each size is produced in a signed and numbered limited edition of 8 pieces, exclusive to Moss. Maarten Baas’s work in clay address the issue of form-giving in industrial design, revealing, literally, the designer’s ‘hand’ in this intimate process, today normally concealed through the use of a computer (but there, none-the-less).

Baas’s use of the clay-modeling technique, traditionally employed in rendering the human form from life-study, magnifies the sculptural quality inherent in all functional objects.

Approximate heights:
Large: 75”
Medium: 60”
Small: 50”

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  • Nuno

    Maarten… we really dig your work, but please… try to do something a lil’ bit different this time.

  • thecuteone

    that design sucks

  • Jack

    Amazing in person. Maarten took the colored Clay fans to a new level with the chrome glaze. Very well executed!

  • Brian

    Agreed. These pieces are actually stunning in person.

  • I hate it that I love these so much.

  • tiffany

    normally i like his work, but in this case he tries to sell wind as art (what’s in a title…..)

  • Will

    I am usually a big fan

    but it looks too influenced by the furniture Front did last yr

  • Nathan


    This isn’t the same at all. Just look at the finishing and production- and designproces.
    I like his work for the direct approach towards design.

  • Pieter

    Does anyone know what this clay is?
    I love the result with this stuff!
    I’ve been looking for a material like this for a long time, but can’t find it.