Buildings of Disaster in gold by Constantin and Laurene Boym


Design Miami 07: Constantin and Laurene Boym showed a limited gold-plated edition of their Buildings of Disaster series at Design Miami earlier this month.

Buildings of Disaster are architectural miniatures of infamous buildings including the Neverland Ranch (above - non-gold version) and New Orleans Superdome (below).

The collection was launched at Moss, who sent this info:


Buildings of Disaster: 24k Gold Anniversary Edition
by Constantin Boym and Laurene Leon Boym, USA

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of their infamous architectural models, the gold set of eight buildings is produced in a signed and numbered limited edition 10. Laser 24K gold plating on bonded metal.

The eight buildings are: Neverland Ranch, WTC 9/11, OJ Car Chase, Pentagon 9/11, Watergate, Oklahoma City Federal Building, Unabomber, and Waco, Texas.

Souvenirs of human tragedy, even violent events, are a part of our object-history. Each year hoards of people visit the battlefield of Gettysburg, as well as the site of the car crash which killed Diana, Princess of Wales. With their Buildings of Disaster series (begun in 1997 and continuing today), the Boym’s created replicas of famous structures where some tragic or terrible events took place, and offered them as ‘souvenirs’ for our time.

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  • bald skull

    yeah yeah yeah, “art” is supposed to be uncomfortable and thought provoking and all that other bullshit, but let’s be real for a minute – this stuff is both lame and vulgar. who the fuck is even gonna buy this shit.

    OJs car chase? hello last decade.

    watergate? that’s seriously the best you could come up with?

    what about the space shuttle exploding? or princess diana dying? or the subway bombing in UK?

    or are you geniuses saving that for your 2nd edition?

  • Ren

    Stop giving them such good ideas Bald skull !

  • osawa

    I’m jetting out of my apartment to buy this for my girlfriend!

    Its gonna be the most romantic perfect holiday gift!!

  • Nuno

    This is craptastic!

  • themark

    This is just vulgar. Maybe their studio could be included in the next series.