Designer Christmas cards 2007


When we were young we used to hang our favourite Christmas cards on a length of string pinned to the wall. We thought we'd do the digital equivalent with our favourite e-cards this season.

Keep sending them through, and we'll add them to the parade (if we like them). Above: Frost Design's online card-generating game is the best of this year's crop (at time of writing).

Above: our friend Alex Brown of Spider + Fly produced this video card for Pivotal Resources, showing the (possible) future of hand-held printing printing (worth watching).

Above: rAndom International (whose Pixel Roller clearly inspired the video above)

Above: Studio Mold

Above: Tom Dixon

Above: Moritz Waldemeyer

Above: Architecture Foundation

Above: PearsonLloyd

Above: Slipmode

Above: StudioIlse

Above: Alef magazine

We have loads more, but they're kind of uninspiring... we'll hang them in the digital equivalent of the downstairs loo

Update: these just in...

Above: Artecnica

Above: Estudio Barozzi Veiga

Above: Shona Kitchen

Above: Design Tide

Above: Jaime Hayon


Above: Tomek Rygalik

Above: Zaven

Above: Freedom of Creation

Above: Readymade Projects

Above: Jerry King Musser

Above: Rosanna Orlandi

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  • MCA
  • What a pleasure. Thanks for assembling these.
    May you all have a joyous holiday and a very bright new year.

  • yesım akbulut

    ı hope for you ı fıne new year.


    kartlar süper olmuş…bizim okuldada böyle şeyleri yapmamızı söylüyorlar ama bizde o yetenek yok. herkesin yeni yılı kutlu olsun.happy new year!!

  • zoran

    Great work guys, well done! Im looking for more designer xmas cards, any idea where to find links?


    Simple yet so pretty! Another wonderful idea!