We just learned that Joost van Brug's pioneering and influential design blog has closed after four years.

Reluct was the site that first switched us on to how the blog format could be used to deliver visually led design news. At its height, the site was the best-designed and best edited in the field, and we checked it every day.

Sorry to see you go Joost, and good luck with the new ventures (he is now running a creative agency called Marc & Justus).

Read's August 2006 interview with Joost.

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  • Nuno

    That’s crappy. Reluct was a pretty good blog, and I used to read it everyday.

    Good luck Joost!

  • Pete

    Dang, my bookmarks are closing one by one :-(

    First, then, last week and now reluct as well…

  • toh

    I had visit his blog today and just to know it is closed,
    Goodluck to you too!..Joost.