Onduler and Sakulight by Chihiro Tanaka


Japanese lighting designer Chihiro Tanaka has produced two new products, one inspired by cherry blossom and one by "shimmering aurora and sublime mountain folds".

The lights are called Sakulight (above and top) and Onduler (below).

Here's some info from Chihiro Tanaka:



Spring is ushered in by the cherry blossom. In the language of flowers, cherry blossoms signify "chastity" and "spiritual beauty." Like moonlit cherry blossoms, these beautiful blooming flowers, pure and white, imbue their surroundings with a mystical quality.

Hand-made petals delicately enfold the light within, gently and romantically illuminating. Just like their namesake, these light fittings enrich the spirit.


Inspired by various "creases" that exist in nature, like shimmering aurora and sublime mountain folds.

Each fold overlaps the next in a regular array of waves, with light and shadow flowing from between to create a magical atmosphere. A light fitting with a "constructed" look.


Posted by Rose Etherington

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  • I’m used to seeing lamps like these all over. But the sakura flower pattern really is very pretty and very well done.

  • Sue Glasser

    Where can I get a Sakulight?