Lights by Nathalie Dewez


Designer Nathalie Dewez has sent images of several of her lights, including a couple of new designs.

Top image: Flight. Above: Stella. Below:Lamp06

"I am a Belgian designer based in Brussels," she tells us. "I mainly design lamps. I studied Interior architecture in the school of La Cambre here in Brussels and since then I am working on light for private projects, architecture offices or for lighting firms. For example, among the different projects joined, the ‘Lamp06’ is produced by ‘Cinna-Ligne Roset’(January 08’), the lamp ‘Prism’ by Habitat (Spring 08’) and the ‘Sol-air’ lamp by ‘Quasar’ for 2 years."

Above: Glam. Below: La Plic

Below: Sol-air

Below: Stella

Below: Lamp06

Below: Flight

Below: La Plic

Below: a swarm of Les Plics

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  • Andy


  • Tyler

    that simplicity is so great! I love your works Nathalie veeeeeeeeery!

  • Ingo Maurer

    Looks a lot like mine….

  • Q


  • coma

    light bulbs are so underrated! I agree

  • Thanks;
    And thanks to Ingo, I’ll take it as a compliment…

  • Andrew

    Wow. I love these!

  • fBot


  • fBot

    Nathalie, It does look very Ingo-ish but atleast you seem to understand how to design with the “light” and not only the light fitting. Full points for that.

    There’s a number of luminaires that create a good ambient/ indirect light that people could use.

  • tiffany

    Ingo Maurer is right. Except that the original (his) are much better executed.

  • jed

    sorry, i haven’t seen any Ingo Maurer anywhere near as sublime as these or even that similar.

    i love them Nathalie, well done.

  • an

    Beautiful designs, and much better than Maurer’s! Keep it up Nathalie!