Smoker Bell by Florian Brillet Architecture


Smoking in public buildings was banned in France on 1 January this year, so Paris architect Florian Brillet has designed an adjustable hood to keep smokers cosy outside bars and cafes.

Smoker Bell is a helmet-like hood with integrated drinks stand, attached to a wall by an articulated arm.

"France, 1st of January...smokers get out!" writes Brillet. "This new law creates a lots of reactions (positive of course...), but also shows the need of new spaces outside bars and restaurants. SMOKER BELL is a proposal for a temporary space, which can host 2 people for coffee time and cigarette..."

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  • bald skull

    looks like a pod to get your hair did.

  • smoker belle

    miam florian! ca va être chauffé?

  • Great. Now, can we design one for cars? And ugly people?

  • lello

    seems like it would start to smell after a while…

  • I LOVE IT!! great idea – I’ll be interested to see how the many businesses decide to use this :-)

  • xtiaan

    stylish AND functional, yay I’d use one.

    cough fuckwit cough

    @lello its essientially an umbrella to be used outdoors, how is it gonna smell ?

  • Emmet Hart

    Doesn’t seem vandal-proof. Once these things have been hanging outside for a few years, they’ll look like old phone booths do now; loads of graffiti and probably broken. Who would want thát hanging outside their café door?
    Then again, I might be missing something really clever in the design. Please let me know if I have.

  • john

    Obviously this website is not preekproof !

  • Innovative! But why will a smoker be smoking alone and drinking his drinks?

  • Interesting. At first glance, I thought it belonged in a hair salon.

  • timinseattle

    even better, put a couple of these indoors and vent to outside. a smoking section with positive vacuum out to keep the smoke from drifting to the rest of the bar, office, house?