Grovhugget anno 2008 by Jens Fager


Stockholm Design Week: Swedish designer Jens Fager presented a collection called Grovhugget anno 2008 at the Greenhouse young designers' showcase at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last week.

The rough-surfaced painted chairs, tables and candelabras are made by cutting pine on a band-saw and have been created for a restaurant Fager is designing for Swedish chef Tommy Myllymäkis. Grovhugget is Swedish for "rustic".

Here's a short description from Fager:


Grovugget anno 2008 is made for Tommy Myllymäkis, 2007 Chef of the year in Sweden, restaurant at Julita gård, Sörmland. It is a part of my interior for the restaurant. The idea is based on naive cartoon sketches turned into 3-dimensional, surrealistic usable furnitures.

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  • Sarah

    Looks fantastic!

  • This is a fantastic set! I enjoy the style and modern feel of the furniture. The design is very open and clean, very nice!