Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong


Dutch designer Reinier de Jong has created Keer Chair, which can be used any way up.

"It can be placed in three different positions, making up different types of chairs," says de Jong. "The chair elements have a width of only 20cm (8"), but can be interconnected by built-in magnets."

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  • santiago itzcoatl

    quite pure,

    nice design!

  • fvale


  • Misa

    Wow! I think this is really neat!

  • Rin

    That’s really creative! ^_^

  • Fran

    Love it

  • Anica

    very cooal!….
    super user friendly!

  • m

    would be nice to use outside as well.

  • Satoshi


  • not quite original,
    friedrich kiesler designed this concept already in 1942,
    for peggy guggenheim’s gallery in ny.

  • Arch

    ah, so it’s not quite original…
    i think it’s very innovative though.

  • Jillian

    I find it brilliant

  • the frog

    This has been done a million times ! Especially among students.
    Reinvent the invented? Not interesting!

  • eyeontheworld

    Ipod seating………., alas, as already mentioned far from original. But, Immitation is the greatest form of flattery.

  • pat

    Saw this and immediately thought of Satyendra Pakhalé’s ‘Panther’ project for Moroso’s 50th birthday. As I remember it, ‘Panther’ follows the same principle – multiple seating formats achieved by rotating the piece. Satyendra has elaborated more on the silhouette, though.

    See image 2 (blue background)

  • Henk en Anneke

    We vinden het een geweldig ontwerp.

  • xtiaan

    its a postmodern world EVERYTHING has been done