Marc Newson at Gagosian Gallery in London


Designer Marc Newson follows up his exhibition at Gagosian Gallery in New York last year with a new show at Gagosian in London opening this week, with some new pieces.

The show opens tomorrow (Tuesday 4 March). Top image: Low Vononoi Shelf in grey Bardiglio marble, 2008. Above: Low Voronoi Shelf in white Carrara marble, 2008.

See our stories about Newson's first show at Gagosian in New York here. Above: Extruded Table 3, in Striato Olimpico marble, 2008.

Here's some info from the gallery:



Tuesday, March 4 – Saturday, April 19, 2008
Opening reception for the artist: Wednesday, March 5th, from 6 – 8pm

"Sometimes I start with the material, sometimes the idea. In this case the materials were the inspiration. Often the context of materials strikes me more than the materials themselves. Context is new, not materials." --Marc Newson

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of limited edition works by Marc Newson.

Following his acclaimed exhibition in New York, Newson has created three new variations on established themes. As before, each work is conceived and meticulously crafted in a seamless piece of material. Extruded Table 3 is a startling evolution from the preceding Extruded Tables, where the open-ribbon form becomes an unbroken line with no beginning and no end. The dynamics of its streamlined silhouette are further emphasized by the natural grey/white striations of the marble. Low Voronoi Shelf is directly inspired by its more monumental forbear Voronoi Shelf, but reconceived as a useful surface rather than a purely sculptural object. With Carbon Fibre Chair, Newson explores an existing model in terms of a radically different material. In doing so, the highly reflective, “liquid” yet weighty Nickel Chair morphs into its polar opposite, a darkly absorptive, light-weight form.

Newson approaches design as an experimental exercise in extreme structure and advanced technologies, combined with a highly tactile and exacting exploration of materials, processes, and skills. As an industrial designer, his reach is broad and diverse, from concept jets and cars to watches, footwear, luggage, and aircraft interiors. Since the outset of his career, he has also produced beautifully crafted, limited-edition furniture, including the now-iconic Lockheed Lounge (1986). In a world where the distinctions between art and design are becoming increasingly blurred Newson is a trailblazer, having pursued parallel activities in exclusive and mass production for more than twenty years.

Marc Newson was born in Sydney, Australia in 1963 and studied sculpture and jewelry design at Sydney College of the Arts. Parallel to his career as an industrial designer, he has exhibited limited edition works and projects in galleries and public institutions since 1986, including Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris (1995, 2004); Powerhouse Museum, Sydney (2001); the Groninger Museum, Netherlands (2004); and London Design Museum (2004-5). In 2007 Newson had a major exhibition of limited edition works at Gagosian Gallery in New York. Currently he is Creative Director of Qantas Airways. He lives in London, with design studios in London and Paris.

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  • Arch

    the vononoi shelf…is a shelf.
    the extruded table 3… is a table.
    well, does it show new solutions to seating?

    i do like mark newson’s bar in hotel puerta america though.

  • F

    very difficult to resist Marc Newson !

  • Simon

    If you are in UK, Mark Newson is feature of an in depth BBC1 TV programe tonight (4th March 22:35 GMT) .. may be available on line later thro’ bbc iplayer.

  • K. Rimane

    me – like – it – very – much.

  • Ren

    I used to really appreciate his work but now I find it less impacting, my eyes are sadly numb to his creations, the shelving could have been done by JM Massaud on an good day and the extruded marble table is weak compared to his infamous “Event Horizon” table.

    Maybe this is due to an over saturation of his work (seeing it in very design mag we open) & many designers working with similar esthetics. Also his notorious “Jetsons” design style that he championed and which made him so famous has been outdated for many years now.

  • joachim rodriguez diaz la foza

    I think he was better years ago, now he is judt comercial and wants to suck as much money AS POSSIBLE

  • F

    please go and see the table for your eyes .

    pure lines and noble material .

    perfection .