Cabbage Chair by Nendo


Cabbage Chair by Nendo

Cabbage Chair is a new product by Japanese designers Nendo made of waste paper from the pleated fabric industry.

The paper is wrapped into a cylinder and cut vertically halfway down one side so that the layers can be peeled back one at a time.

Nendo designed the chair for the XXIst Century Man exhibition curated by Issey Miyake, which will be at 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo from 30 March to 6 July 2008.

The following information is from Nendo:


Nendo designed the cabbage chair for the XXIst Cetury Man exhibition curated by Issey Miyake to commemorate the first anniversary of 21_21 Design Sight in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Miyake asked us to make furniture out of the pleated paper that is produced in mass amounts during the process of making pleated fabric and usually abandoned as an unwanted by-product.

Our solution to his challenge transformed a roll of pleated paper into a small chair that appears naturally as you peel away its outside layers, one layer at a time.

Resins added during the original paper production process add strength and the ability to remember forms, and the pleats themselves give the chair elasticity and a springy resilience, for an overall effect that looks almost rough, but gives the user a soft, comfortable seating experience.

Since the production process is so simple, we thought that eventually the chair could be shipped as one compact roll for the user to cut open and peel back at home.

The chair has no internal structure.It is not finished and it is assembled without nails or screws.The primitive design responds gently to fabrication and distribution costs and environmental concerns, the kind of issues that face out 21st century selves.

Thus, the cabbage chair fits active, optimistic and forward-moving “21st century selves,” the kind of people who, to borrow a concept Miyake expressed during a meeting with us, “don’t just wear clothes, but shed their skin”.

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  • Miguel

    Awesome! Wait… how do you sit in it?

  • Creative use of recycling. But I feel like I’m just looking at the evelution of a bean bag chair.

  • Dough

    Hmmm, it’s okay.
    I don’t really get what’s so special.
    Kinda complicated.

  • A-Z

    it doesnt look like a comfort chair to me, anyway… i think it should show a photo @ least someone actually sat there (more like d’ cut leek)

  • Arch

    More of a ‘something’ than a chair.

  • Suen

    u won’t like it the next day u created it.

    i agree with Arch, it’s just “something”.

  • F

    like sitting in a flower . . . how poetic , but is it comfortable ?

  • the frog

    Yes, I agree too. He just took this amount of paper and though: Shall I do a lamp or a chair? Ok, a chair!
    The result is an anecdote and it lacks concept, structure, function, commune sense. Maybe, you could find some beauty in there, but for my taste this is not enough.

  • Ironique

    What about the damage occured by human weight after a few sits ? Will the tender layers of paper stay the same?? Don’t think so. In my oppinion it’s more of an artwork than a furniture.

  • Andrew S.

    Beautiful, for sure.

    But it looks like it was made for the human eye, not the human body.

  • F

    for tiny bottoms only .
    in fact , my cats would love this ….

  • Bizarro

    That is one of the worst designed things I’ve ever seen in my life. Completely self-indulgent, not to mention impractical and unsafe – what happens when you drop a cigarette on it by accident?

    ….. it also is nothing more than a roll of paper.

  • zuy

    I love Nendo ‘s works… but it’s only for extra thin model …Sumo are not invited in this flagship’s icon chair…

  • zuy

    is it a brainstorming between Tokujin Yoshioka and Campana brothers?

  • Su

    the envious Miserablist feeding frenzy.

  • zuy

    white is white
    see the white nendo work for lexus cars in (preview) Milan
    see the white lehanneur work for Yamamoto fashion shop in Paris

  • yU.

    same idea of the garlic head. layer by layer ,when we tear them

  • zuy
  • Rene

    like a Honey-Pop and a Sushi chair made love and produced offspring (per zuy)

  • zuy

    the trend concept is wild chair!!!

  • Vince B

    Something, a concept… agree.

    Lovely shape, lovely intention, but from here, not a functionnal chair…
    I ask to see/try for real.
    Yes what after a few seats? I have the feeling that it will squeeze and fold under my weight. Will not the layer’s sheets quickly crease and make the object look like a crappy pile of paper?
    I wonder.
    Nice chair-shaped object for a design gallery.

  • Petra

    nice layers…

  • Ha ha… love that ‘ Miserablist feeding frenzy’ comment. ….

    Am I the only person that plays ‘guess the nationality of the commentators’?

  • Petra

    once again, nice layers…

  • zuy
  • jinx

    Ok, ‘chair for XXI century man’ ,let’s think: XXI man- 1.don’t smoke, so will not smoke in this chair; slim, so he will not crush it; 3.should think about ecology!; should have at home beautiful things :)

  • jacob

    make it a huge arm chair

  • hopperking

    It is a bad imitation of Tokujin Yoshioka’s chair.
    Nendo is great at imitating someone’s something.

  • s g interiors

    is the cabbage chair available in the usa?

  • Whitney Stewart

    Lo ve the cabbage chiar – where can it be purchased in USA ?

  • Jose

    Though it is innovated and uses recycled paper,
    I feel it is still a waste of recycled material as well.
    So many layers of paper in your design can still
    be put to good use. I agree, it is art more than chair.

  • melissa

    beautiful & lovely =)
    but can we actually sit on that..?

  • Paul

    It would be nice to see a photo of someone sitting in it.