Libri by Michaël Bihain


Stockholm Design Week:
Swedish brand Swedese launched Libri shelves by Belgian designer Michaël Bihain at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last month.

Bihain showed the shelves, designed to lean against a wall or back to back in pairs, at Salone Satellite in Milan last year and they have now been put into production by Swedese.

Here's some information from Swedese:


Libri shelf in white or black lacquered ash wood can be used as a single unit attached to the wall.

It can also be combined with additional Libri shelves assembled in width along the wall or right out from the wall as a room divider or even back to back to become a free standing shelving system.

The legs are equipped with adjustability in height for uneven floors, and they can be adjusted after the shelf/shelves) has/have been attached to the wall or to each other.

Libri shelf designed by Michael Bihain has been awarded the Prize for Best New Product 2008 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The sole judge was the Award winner of last year, designer Damien Williamson.

It was for the seventh year in a row the +1 Award was offered by the Swedish magazine Forum AID.

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  • Zynk

    Simple but beautiful!!!

  • Jillian

    perfect — an amazingly simple and pure form, but simplicity manages beauty

  • b e a u t i f u l .

  • zuy

    see also eno sheves (same concept)

  • kelsey

    where can i purchase???

  • Liz DuVall

    My Grandfather and I are recreating are own version for Father’s Day. It’s trickier than I had thought it would be.