China Design Now by Tonkin Liu



Architects Tonkin Liu have designed the China Design Now exhibition, which has just opened at the V&A museum in London.


The exhibition, a major showcase of China's creative industries, opened on 15th March and runs until 13th July.


The following information is from the V&A:


China is huge. China is becoming topical. Yet China remains mystery to most people in the West. ‘Made in China’ has become a familiar tag, but the spectacular creative energy in modern China is barely known. During the last twenty years, the Chinese have rediscovered their pre-socialist past and begun to combine their own traditions with global influences to produce a cultural rebirth. At the heart of this lies a new culture of design.


This exhibition will take you on a journey along China’s coastal cities to experience the country’s creative landscape. The journey starts in the far south, where graphic designers in Shenzhen began to explore new directions in the early 1990s. Next we move up to Shanghai. Here consumerism and urban culture have combined to produce astonishing fashion and lifestyles. Finally, we travel to Beijing, where monumental architecture for the Olympic Games is transforming the skyline of this ancient capital.


China Design Now explores China’s dreams and hopes over the last two decades, from individual designers to the nation as a whole. It is our hope that this exhibition will bring contemporary China closer to you.

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  • It seems like an extremely interesting exhibition to me.

  • Nuno

    Easy Stan!!!!!

  • illegal

    off the drugs Stan!

  • zuy

    Stan could you please explain me what is great? see the flickr link

  • Robert H

    “China Design”? What an absurd joke!

    There are three categories of design in China: (1) Design by foreigners (cf. Herzog & deMeuron), (2) Design by Chinese people who rip off foreigners, and (3) Design by thoroughly Westernized Chinese people (cf. Cai Guo-Qiang), most of whom live outside of China.

    Since the dawn of the 20th century, there hasn’t been a single example of great Chinese design . That’s what happens when you kill off your aristocracy and your intellectuals, and you control every aspect of society for three generations. It’ll take another 3 generations or so to get things back on track.

  • zuy

    -10 000 new designers by year,
    – in 2009 = 45% of G8
    – see the red dot award concept list (70% asian names )
    – Starck has a company to dvp branding in China

  • Anna Liu

    I try to imagine a Japanese person’s reaction to an architectural exhibition on modernity–one with a strong tribute to Japanese architecture–would his/her reaction be as violent, simplistic, patronising, and entrenched? You’ve gone to the exhibition armed with the most predictable prejudices, and have taken nothing new away from it for yourself. Finally, is your anger directed at the Chinese authorities or the emergent young designers? You are not telling us anything new about the authorities, and certainly not doing the designers any justice.

  • zuy

    above QiQi and KeKe tea sets are by Lin Jing 2001
    the Ji Ji Panda toy figure 2006= Hayon toy

  • hannah

    Hey, I saw this the other day for my gcse art coursework as i am basing my whole project on chinese culture – i found it very interesting but was very dissapointed to find you cannot use photography. If you have any photos, could you please mail them to me? It would be extremely useful for my project,
    thanks :)

  • Terence Tam

    Can you briefly explain what is the design concept of Tonkin Liu behind this exhibition ? How do you see design in China and how do you react this into your design for this event ? Frankly speaking, this is impossible to see this from the pictures, unless we can take a visit there. We are in China.


  • soulchen

    No matter how angry you are , or how reluctant you would like to accept the reality , there are more and more Chinese designers or design bases in China appear in Dezeen