Maximum Display by David Tajchman



Maximum Display is a proposed interior for an art gallery in Paris by architect David Tajchman.


The walls, floors and furniture are all formed by folding laminated timber.


Here's some information from Tajchman:


Maximum Display - Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris

This tiny two levels art gallery is located near one of the most prestigious streets in Paris: the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, not very far from the Champs Elysées and close to the Palais de l'Elyseée.


The neighbourhood is full of art galleries selling 17th to 19th centuries paintings golden rococo framed.


The new art gallery is a project where walls, floors and furniture elements are in a single, continuous shape. There is no difference in of treatment between walls and floors.


To emphasize what the gallery is selling and not to distract the view with too many materials, the one and only material used is made of layered wood profiles stuck together.


The wooden slice unrolls from the vertical display at the entrance, becomes a ground floor, continues to the staircase, climbs to the upper floor, becomes a relaxing seat and sofa and the sofa becomes a desk.


place: Paris, France
programme: art gallery
architects: David Tajchman & Renaud Menestret
area: 50 m2




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  • roadkill


  • jed

    a lovely simple idea…. but like all of those lovely simple ideas it won’t be good or bad until it’s finished and operating so i don’t really know if we can judge it yet. the quality of this will be in the execution and i don’t think the model is doing it any favours. or, rather, yes it would help a client to visualise the scheme but, crucially (in terms of this website) it doesn’t communicate the quality of the end product for those of us who have seen a lot of models. i do like the project though. would be excited to see the end result.

  • jed

    the computer renders are lovely and understated though.

  • brown_ie

    Love it!!, precise, simple, contemporary. used the space with a really nice and trendy shape, without being megalomaniac, just one question, if is an art gallery what about the lighting proposal and art display areas?

  • poster

    i love to comment ! it’s like we just free away our working stress, we are related with design, with a lot of pressure on and always questioning our oun stuff, here we can just critisize other’s work without any consequences, and nearly anonymouslly…
    it’s just like a daily routine for me

  • GO Architects!

    Big whoop!

  • desy

    lovely idea…simple is more…
    do u have many idea before decice this design?
    please tell me, how about to execute other idea…?

  • leandro locsin

    this is good by detail. love the wiggle chair-like material ! but i most love the method of the folds, very mature. you cannot fold natural wood like this… youre gonna have a lot of splice but here, David used ‘plasticity’ properties of concrete and injected it in wood. very good.

  • Mark V

    I should state first and foremost that I do find it interesting. That precursor stated, how can “the one and only material used is made of layered wood profiles stuck together.”? It is not the structure of the project, which would be acceptable since there is existing building. There is some of the existing white “stuff” showing, I will assume drywalling around the columns. Two visible materials already. The flooring and and the stairs will require one or two others, as well as a hand rail I assume.
    I understand the idea of overwhelming singularity to a design, and specifically in a place where it is meant to fade into the background, but we must be realistic too. Jed makes a proper statement about withholding evaluation, and even more so in regards to waiting to see the lighting strategies. Nice concept diagram/model though.