Decouper Toile Collection and Bloody Hell by Timorous Beasties



Milan 08: textile and wallpaper designers Timorous Beasties will launch a collection printed with images of "contemporary urban life", including skateboarders, tramps and CCTV cameras, and another design based on the conflict in the Middle East.


The Decouper Toile Collection (top, above and below) is based on 18th Century chinioserie and toiles de jouey patterns.


Bloody Hell (below) is " an experimental wallpaper design based on the theme of war and conflict in the Middle East".


The designers are also launching new floral patterns (below).


The collections will be launched in Milan next week.


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Here's some text from Timorous Beasties:


Decouper Toile Collection & Bloody Hell

As part of the design+ event in the heart of Zona Tortona, Timorous Beasties are delighted to be in Milan once again for the launch of the Decouper Toile Collection and Bloody Hell.

The Decouper Toile Collection is a contemporary take on the chinioserie and toiles de jouey patterns of the 18th Century. The literal meaning of Decouper in French is to “cut out”; it is also the source of the term “découpage”. The Découpage style became very popular in 18th Century Britain with the upper and burgeoning middle classes. Images were cut from valuable prints and lacquered onto hatboxes, gift boxes and even walls.

Unlike the original sentimental patterns popular in this period, Timorous Beasties have used everyday images of contemporary urban life. The collection features young and old men, workers, shoppers, pregnant mothers, cyclists and tramps, all beautifully silhouetted on the decorative backdrop of traditional pattern. The Decouper Toile collection challenges both old and new ideas of class, wealth and taste.

Bloody Hell is an experimental wallpaper design based on the theme of war and conflict in the Middle East. Timorous Beasties will also be previewing new oversized floral prints.

Milan 2008

Via Tortona 20,
Zona Tortona
16th – 21st April 2008

Press Preview
Tuesday 15th April 15.00h - 19.00h

Daily Opening
Wednesday 16th – Sunday 20th April
10.00 – 21.00 h
Monday 21st April
10.00 – 16.00 h

Wednesday 16th April 19.00 – 23.30 h
(invitation only)

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  • kur0yi

    yeah, great.. i can see all humanities salvation in those wallpapers..

  • Urban Outfitters had this kind of design down pat long time ago.

  • jed


  • Christine

    I love the detail in the images – especially the hanging trainers, and the pattern repeat of the third image.

  • Richard

    Very clever

  • Timorous were doing toiles well before urban outfitters and anyway urban outfitters toile drawings were rubbish

  • Very nice,
    is it industrial works ?
    i like that :-)

  • Hey Dood!

    I see you still regard youreslf as somewhat of a design expert. Wow!

    But you seem to have blown it by calling yourself Dezeen. Bit like dezeeze, no?

    Anyway, keep pretending and I’m sure you’ll get there one day.