New work by Maarten Baas in Milan



Milan 08: designer Maarten Baas will exhibit new work and projects created over the last 5 years at Zona Tortona in Milan next week.


New pieces include a desk in Baas' Sculpt series (above) and a new range of carved wooden pieces created for Contrasts Gallery in Shanghai (top image and below).


Baas has also created new pieces for Established & Sons (no images available yet). Here's some text from Studio Baas & Den Herder:


Maarten Baas, April 2008 : exhibition, showing an overview of the works by Maarten Baas and Studio Baas & Den Herder from the past 5 years.


The exhibition will show works, that have been made in cooperation with other parties, such as Moss, Contrasts, Rossana Orlandi and Established & Sons. Furthermore, the exhibition will also give an inside view on the studio that Maarten Baas shares with producer Bas den Herder. Prototypes, experiments, failures and work that is still in development will be shown in Autoriparazione Voghera.


Via Voghera 8, Zona Tortona, 20144, Milano

16 – 20 April

Opening times: 10:00 – 20:00


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  • Lone

    I too would prefer my plastic injection molded patio furniture in polished hard wood.

  • Bruno

    Just burnt it!!!

  • wahton

    @lone: hehehe

  • desky

    Plastic chair in wood / Good social references and material crossover to create a strong irony.

  • I love the chair. It makes you realise how greatly material can affect form.

  • bald skull

    seems like a real waste to me. and the chaos chair just seems pointless.

    is it art, cause it sure ain’t furniture.

  • Cat

    I have a strong dislike towards Maarten Baas and i mostly agree with ‘bald skull’ but I have to admit i really love the transformation of the archetypal plastic chair, it ain’t big, it ain’t clever, but it still makes me smile.

  • a nice statement. clever. One-liner? maybe, maybe not so much.

    Interesting art! :) Great!

  • to qutoe ron

    – ‘is irony killing design?’

    answer – not killing, just hurting.

  • leandro locsin

    these are some serious ugly

  • Hilarious! I love them.

  • Rikard

    Next season SprallMart will carry the faux wood grain plastic version of the “ironic” wood version of the ubiquitous tacky plastic chair. What does it become then, tragic, or does it make the artist iconic?

  • Honggo

    the ‘ designers of future’.

  • Jebus

    is it just me or is he repeating himself?

  • brilliant.
    the garden chair is great (IMHO),
    agree the chaos chair is a bit.. mmm???
    though, to be fair, it does say that the exhibition includes ‘experiments and failures’

  • mistures

    Must be a joke, why kill a tree for this.