Arribeños 3182 by Adamo-Faiden



Argentinian architects Adamo-Faiden have completed their latest project in Nuñez, Buenos Aires.


Marcelo Faiden of Adamo-Faiden explains: "It's composed of three different kinds of habitable cells organized in two blocks, linked by a void that establishes the connection with the street.


"Each of the units can be used either for housing or working. Every project decision makes profit from the indefinition of the program.


"The building is located in Arribeños 3182, Nuñez, a low density area next to the north limit of the city of Buenos Aires."


See Adamo-Faiden's first built project, Casas Lago, in our previous story.










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  • ARG

    Wow, this looks good!
    It actually has a resemblance to the shutter houses by shigeru ban in NY.

  • F


  • misshon

    honest and smooth

  • Alejandro

    Creo que estos argentinos sacaron una buena leccion de la casa Curruchet en Argentina

  • OdA

    The same glass windows in the front elevation and in the rear elevation ?
    Where is the sun here. What we see from the living rear windows ?.
    Do the shutters have an solar treatment intention or street views control?

  • chad

    reminds me of this Keck & Keck apartment building designed in the ’30s

  • It’s fairly straight-up-and-down, but I do love the open plan space.

  • Cool!

  • Kal S

    Simplicity at its best. Very elegant.

  • blue

    Yes very elegant, simple, i like it.

  • floyd landis

    Nice, I designed this same building 20 years ago in Huntington Beach.

  • P

    Casa Curuchet que lección en que poco espacio, una maravilla. Don Alejandro usted cree que estamos ante un caso similar ? o es un eufemismo , por lo que ha puesto CuRRu chet en vez de Curuchet?

  • leandro locsin

    if every detail has been done in the past, when do we challenge ourselves ? does ideas have to repeat itself over and over and over again?

  • Oda

    Yes , we must investigate, innovate and create for the same human body.
    sometimes we project for a simple man others for a god. the history is full of good architecture of both cases. Just let’s close yours eyes and they will come to our memory, everything else are just something more.

  • All are realistic style, i like them.

  • Roberto

    Me tienen podrido con la casa curutchet. No tienen idea de lo que es vivir ahí adentro. No cuestiono la plasticidad. Como consultorio y como vivienda, es un bofe. Supérenlo de una vez.