Rotator by Ron Arad for Teuco



Live from Milan: Ron Arad has designed a bath for Italian manufacturers Teuco, which rotates to become a shower.


The wide lip functions as a bath when at the lowest point. The whole piece can be rotated so that the lip is out of the way for a standing shower.


The water is drained from the bath by rotating it back to the shower postition.


Rotator is exhibited at via Pontaccio 19 until 21 April.


Here's some text from Teuco:



Milan, April 2008 – During the important International Furniture Fair, Teuco will present its new collaboration with Ron Arad and Jean Michel Wilmotte. The two internationally known designers will employ their creativity to interpret Teuco's design capabilities and the exclusive duralight®, the solid surface material that is the result of Teuco's research.

Designer, artist and renowned architect, Ron Arad uses the malleability of duralight® and Teuco know-how to present “Rotator”, an original space and a new enjoyable experience in which a continuous and unexpected flow of water becomes the protagonist. The slowly rotating basin transforms into a shower and the continuously flowing water becomes an essential component of the product's beauty. The background for this creation is a floor with mirrored light and glossy white walls with small red shelves that exalt the materiality and the multi-functionality that are characteristic of duralight ®.

Polyhedral and appealing, Arad masterly succeeds in combining his visionary style with a latest generation quality material that is totally malleable and that does not restrict the vision of design in any way.

Jean Michel Wilmotte, French architect and designer, presents his “Geografia”. A changing ensemble in which the products, intended for the various ways of using water, transform into unusual, timeless places. Thus, we have the basin that turns into a lake at the top of a hill, the shower that becomes an intriguing waterfall and a river that cuts across the landscape where water flows continuously, creating an overall effect that is unique and superb.

The two projects are distinct but both important for Teuco, which shows once again that it is very much aware of the trends in international design and architecture, by making available all its know-how accumulated in over 35 years of experience in the sector and by increasing it with new potentialities and values that derive from the use of duralight®.

Indeed, thanks to Teuco's exclusive manufacturing process, the material can be modelled creatively at will, creating forms and models from the warm, smooth surfaces in any colour that are pleasant to touch, light in their solidity and inalterable over time.

These two original creations will remain on show for an exclusive preview at the Pontaccio 19 show space throughout the week dedicated to the International Furniture Fair.
Pontaccio 19
via Pontaccio 19
20121 Milan
from 16 to 21 April 2008
from 10.30 to 22.00

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  • K. Rimane

    Is it just me or is this just a whole bucket of BS.

  • Lite


  • tommi

    looks fantastic!! “how much is it?!”

  • joachim rodriguez diaz la foza

    what the f*k should this be for. To fall down the wall?
    Senseless bulls*t design.

  • Honggo


  • mimi

    They lost me at “unexpected flow of water becomes the protagonist.” LOL

  • Simon

    The bath is great. For a Chihuahua. It looks like its designed for ultra slim people that wouldnt mind being pushed against a flat surface during bath time. Imagine getting into this bath. If someone have seen it in real life, please tell me i am wrong and it is a brilliant design.

  • MKK

    *cough* BS *cough*

    Show me a picture of someone using it….!

  • jed

    an idea that should have been thrown out at the planning stages. just because something CAN be done doesn’t mean it SHOULD be done.

  • uhmm.. how massive is this? what’s the scale? Would be nice to see people using this to show its functionability.

  • sufin

    I think Ron Arad is a good chair designer….

  • sufin

    very good chair designer…. in fakt we might see this bath soon as a chair version…2009 Milan.

  • E

    How is the bath supposed to work? Lie sideways like on a moon crescent? It looks very uncomfortable and the water in the ‘bath’ should be quite shallow. Great idea but dont think it’s ergonomical and functional as a proper bath.

  • Dean

    He was meant to come talk at my uni…..guess he was too busy making this bath ;)

  • greg

    As long as you can stick the name Ron Arad on its ok beacuse at least you’ll get some press.

    Wake up design editors and smell the BS ! see dictionary for “Objectivity”

  • paddy o’keeffe

    not very practical is it?

  • Richard

    They forgot about romance and sharing ….
    I can imagine two people tumbling around in this like a washing machine.
    Hope they have liability insurance . They can always use the handheld around their neck for a safety harness.

  • wow

    this looks like the stupidest piece of design so far this year

  • Triumph_the_Insult_Dog

    This is great…
    for me to POOP on.

  • zanzi

    a picture of someone using it would be nice.

  • kumakuma

    can i use it as a urinal?

  • Hector

    Awesome it’s like a big washing machine for humans. I wonder if the Jetsons would buy one.

  • Bonzo

    Its the urinator.
    By “Renowned” architeckt

  • Michael

    just what you need a bath tub that can dump you out when your done…along with all your bath water on the floor. Total BS design, I am an industrial designer and this looks more like a contemporary urinal.

  • wifelikeobject

    Does it have a spin cycle? Or does it just dump you out on the floor when your bath is over? Just curious…

  • tiffany

    some action pictures please

  • Very nice, if you stop thinking it might be a shower or a bath. Or anything useful. (crafty) Once you get past that, Very nice. The ‘artist’ has fooled you with art where you were expecting function.

  • lucy

    look at it!!!

    duh, its really deep, there would be room fofr a bath.

  • jon

    oh Ron….

  • Charlie

    This is the first article that made me want to post a comment.

    I really think this is a great idea in regards of use of space/ multifunctionality, even if it somehow reminds me of a huge urinal.

    It is a fresh, creative approach to a certain problem: people tend to shower more often than take a bath. Yet, if you want to be able to take baths, the bathtub is a fixed neccesity that takes up lots of space. It is often bulky and not easy to clean. With this approach, the bathtub can be rotated away, and I imagine cleaning it would be easier, too.

    What I question is the installation and practical use of the bathtub itself.
    How comfortable and deep is it? How is it fixed to the wall? How does the rolling mechanism work?

    If it is filled with heavy amounts of water, wet and slippery, how are you supposed to turn it easily without a handle on the side? Or is it operated with a remote control?

    The floor beneath the shower/bathtub seems really slippery. A bath mat would ruin the clean, minimal design. How it that problem solved?

    And why does the shower look like a big, out of shape paperclip? The red bullseye in the middle gives it a feel of target on a shooting range. Less would be more.

    Still, I would love to see it in action. I applaud the creativity and thought put into this project.