Randomly Crystallised by Front



Milan 08: Randomly Crystallised is a collection of vases and lighting by Swedish designers Front for Swarovski Crystal Palace.


Each piece is made by combining cut crystals with hand-blown liquid crystal, as shown in the pictures of their production below.


Front say they "have let the precision-cut crystals merge with hot liquid crystal to create a method where all the objects get an individual expression."


For more on Swarovksi Crystal Palace at Milan this year, see our previous story.







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  • Zenza

    Amazing. Those girls rock :)

  • SereTrab

    I’ve seen those pieces in person: they are amazing!
    And the process is so cool!
    Great Front (glad to know that girls as well can rock in this world still full of chauvinism)!

  • davide

    Glass is a noble material, and the way it’s blown and worked were among most precious and best-kept secrets long ago…
    Front did great things in the past few years.
    What is this? A joke?
    Ugly (questionable), unprofessional, approximative, useless.
    Non ci siamo proprio.
    Please try again

  • FBot

    the front girls are hot

  • Noble – shmoble. Glass is simply a material. Its nobility is your own notion. Unprofessional? I don’t see how this adjective relates. A joke? Have you sense of humour. Please try again, Davide.

  • Honggo

    what is ART?

  • caneda

    I am with you, Emerson. I think Davide just lost the point there.

  • xtiaan

    Im a glassblower and I think this is the shit…

  • it´s like crystal katamari damacy :)
    It has a neovictorian feeling that I love