Two-timer by Industrial Facility



Milan 08: designer Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility launched his Two-Timer clocks for Established & Sons, which allow the time in two time zones to be displayed on one clock face.


“It’s as if everyone these days has come from or is going to somewhere else... " explains Hecht. "Two-Timer is a useful expression of this modern condition, merging two different time zones into one clock.”


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The following text is from Established & Sons:


Many cities, with London no exception, continue to experience the mass movement of people. It’s as if everyone these days has come from somewhere else. The Two Timer clock acknowledges this modern condition with two clocks sharing the same dial.

How curious an idea - it’s as if a finger has stretched a round clock to form a little corner – an offspring, if you like. Two quartz movements, with a carefully devised dial, are housed in a steel frame.

Designed in two sizes, it will sit happily in the home, the office, the hospital, the hotel, the airline lounge, or the foyer of a financial building. It illustrates that even with different time zones we are of one world.

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  • K. Rimane

    sweet! brilliant design

  • Raymond

    I could use the black one in my new appartement if they gave it for free to me. But to be honest it doesn’t differ much from any IKEA clock you could buy. IWC uses a much more ‘elegant’ way of showing two timezones in their watch ( ).
    No wonder I bought myself this watch a few years ago LOL

    My favourite office clock is still the one Gebr. Knip made a while ago:

  • k

    Wow, E&S hasn’t actually produced something quite as terrible as that before, have they? And I’m a big fan of them (usually).

  • Will

    It looks good in the ‘flesh’, much nicer than the font clock which is too rehash, Elle dec, habitat

    Thought this yrs show was very strong- good to see E&S going midmarket

  • Will, how do you know this is mid-market? have prices been listed yet?

    I ask because, while significantly less expensive than anything else E&S offers, the Font Clock is hardly mid-market. ~$500 for the smallest version!

    nonetheless, both the font clock and this are very slick.

  • Will MacCormac

    The font clock is last yr and the exchange rate is what it is

  • tab

    This is already a classic! E&S are maturing quickly.

  • Is there an onlineshop?
    How much is it?

  • GDR

    Notwithstanding exchange rates, I still submit that the Font clock is hardly mid-market (see current prices in GBP: and I suspect that the Two-timer will be no different.

    This is not to discredit either. I have a small font clock and it’s great.

    But I don’t think it can be said that E&S is going mid-market as suggested.

  • Will

    I’m making a general comment about the collection as a whole- I take it you were in Milan and saw the show.. Lets respect each others opinions.

  • GDR

    Unfortunately I did not have that pleasure.

    I’m not posting out of animosity, I was initially inquiring about price or what other basis you support your contention that E&S is going “midmarket” because, personaly, I just don’t see that happening.

    Maybe you could explain what shapes your opinion? Maybe we have different interpreatations of “midmarket”, mine being a term of relative cost?

  • Dguy


    What time is it?

  • It looks good in the flesh