Waternetworks – Drops by Fulguro



Milan 08: Swiss designers Fulguro have put their Waternetworks - Drops collection into production and exhibited it at the Teracrea showroom in Milan last month.


Products include a device for collecting extra rainwater for a plant pot or watering can, an umbrella stand where the falling drips water a plant below and a caraffe with spout for drinking water on one side and sprinkling holes for watering a plant on the other.


Prototypes of the range were first shown at Salone Satellite in Milan last year.


More from Fulguro on Dezeen:

Bar Nestlé at Montreaux Jazz Festival


Here's some text from Fulguro:


Throughout our career, we have been emphasizing the connection that man fosters with the vegetal in habitat.

Several projects and researches such as the concepts reHOUSE, reHOUSE/BATH and VOLET VERT have been developed around this theme.

We further pursue this reflection by presenting collection of objects : reLEAF, reCOVER, reFRESH.

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  • cedric

    nice stuff!! jug thing is sweet.

  • maria

    i love it!

  • Bonzo

    The umbrella stand idea is daft as a practical stand alone idea. The size of the pot required to support the stand and maintain clearance from the plant in question predetermines the size of the plant and the pot, so the whole thing must be conceived of collectively.

    The water collection item is hardly big enough for its purpose, indeed it is equivalent if not smaller than the exhibited pot within which it is placed.

    The double sided jug would not seem to work for watering plants at a certain capacity as the angle required to clear the length of the jug would result in it overflowing through the top where the spout side is located. Useful probably at about half full, but after you’ve figured all that out, you might as well just go and get a watering can. Plus, people utilise water butts of collected rainwater for the purpose of watering plants, and is not drinkable: are they suggesting (counter to their basic argument of rainwater collection) that you double up on these functions for potable water?

  • Punga

    Bonzo i’d love to see some of your work. Have you done anything of interest?

  • nice work around the same subject. I first saw these design at salone satellite, I think they’re simply great.

  • zuy

    simple, essential but great as some japonese works on the same field…

  • Chucho

    Punga, I think Bonzo actually supported his statements with an argument, something that all the “great!” and “simply great!” authors didn’t. We have to encourage criticism if we ever want to live in a world free of useless one-liners. If you don’t agree with him, start an informed discussion.